I Was Molested By My Cousin

Ok I know this is supposed to be for ages above 18 and all but I'm only 14 and this happens to people younger than me and I just want to vent about this for a bit. So from the age of 4-13 I was molested by my cousin. At first I thought it was normal but as I got a little older I noticed he would make me swear not to tell anyone. I realized by about 6 or 7 that it was molestation and I confronted him about it and he told me if I told he beat the **** out of me. I didn't go back up to his house for a while and when I finally did I saw him raping my younger cousin. I went and got his mom and he lied to her face when she asked him about it. By then I was 13 and he told me I was next and tried to rip my clothes off but I got away from him. He tried it again that night and I told his mom. When he tried again his mom saw him. She beat his *** with a belt even though he was 17. She told my mom that she was so sorry after I told her everything that happened and I no longer see that part of my family. All I know is that he's in jail for the rape and molestation of a minor.
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Okay, first, you are awesome! You are very brave and strong to get through something like that.
Second, I'm only 13, but I find it annoying that I get blocked from certain stories because they are deemed "inappropriate" for people under 18, even though I've known about this stuff since I was 10, (Ugh! 5th Grade! Shudders!)
Anyways, if you ever want to talk, I have a story about the terrible 5th grade. I was sexually molested by three separate people for an entire year, a boy during most of the week and two girls on the weekends and on some week days.

Does it say you have to be 18+ because if it does that's got to be the dumbest rule I've ever herd, as far as finding others goes this is a really good place. I'm not sure what to say but there's thousands of us who know what you're talking about it's just nice to hear he got convicted, something many of us wish we could say. But something all of us can say is, we survived.

I'm commenting not because I know what to say, but because I want you to know I'm here, and i now know what happened to you. We will probably never meet, but at least now you know someone is here with you, and has been though it (metaphorically, I guess. We didn't go through the same thing but they both leave you scarred.)

Thanks, I've never really told anybody what happened so I'm glad that there are others that have gone through this.