Touchy Cousins

Well first of all I'm a girl and Im constantly around boys because I have like six guy cousins older than me (no girls) then between that bunch of boys I came and then like three more guy cousins under me before any girls came along. So growing up with my older brother and cousins I became a tomboy but that's not the point.
When I was really young my cousins and brothers would come have sleep overs. Being the little tomboy I was I would join them or else I would cry until they let me. One time while my cousin , I'm going to call him 'F' came to sleep over (I was 7 and he was 8) all three of us slept on the ground. I usaully would pretend to sleep so i could over hear their conversation. But this one night was diffrent because I felt my cousin grab my hand and bring it down to his penis.
I was freaked out because I never seen one before let alone touch one. He made me stroke it and I was really freaked out so I still kept my eyes closed so things wouldn't become awkward. The next morning he acted like nothing happened but that was last time I slept with them in their sleepovers.
So he never touched me again. When I was thirteen I went over to his house for Sunday dinner with his parents (my aunt & uncle). He wasn't home nor his older brother but his younger brother was. The adults were taking up space in the couches so me and his younger brother , lets call him 'U' sat on the ground in the corner. We were playing around with his baby cousin before we began a biting game. We would basically bite each others fingers but soon he was begining to bite my cheeks. He kept getting closer to my mouth.
Thats when I had to stop the game but I guess he was turned on because he visoucly climbed on top of me and dried humped me while sloppily kissing me. It didn't feel right so I bit his lower lip to make him stop. He was eleven at the time but was taller and had more strength. He just stopped for a second and then kept going until my uncle passed us to go to the restroom.
It didn't stop that day he tried grinding on me and kissing me when ever we saw each other so I told one of my cousins so he decided everytime me and 'U' were in a room he would be there to protect me which I was gratefull for. So he never got to me agian because I make sure people are always around us . I just needed to let that out.
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I can't believe this is from 2013 and nobody has commented on it yet. OK. Here I go. Boys will be boys. I would not call your story abuse, but, by the way you narrate it, it did bother you, quite a bit. Well, I hope letting it out helped you leave it behind. Good luck.