I Was Touched Once By My Da, Told My Mom, And She Told Him, He Denies It-what Do I Do?

I think i was around 6 when it happened. I was fondled by my dad. My behavior changed after that. I played Barbie's and had the men touch th women. I learned abotu sexual pleasure there after that. fast fwd to colllege years, I began to remember it and bury it. I told my mom and older sister. My mom threatened to tell my dad a year ago. I didnt want that out. As a result, I began counseling. My mom called two weeks ago and said she is going to tell him. I was upset. I ended up tellingmy 21 year old sister who went crazy. Then she hates me for not telling her sooner or protecting her. I told my dad because he wanted to know why my sister was acting looney. He denied it and denies it to this day. How can I have a relationship with him? I want to badly. He told hisparents and now they all think I am crazy. He says something happened to me as a child but it wasnt him....But I still have the memory...Now what?
hearmycries hearmycries
Dec 1, 2012