My Father Molested and Loved Me

My father molested me from when I was very small (2 years) until I was 13 or 14.  I was very mixed up about this because my mother never told me she loved me, but then again, my father never told me he loved me either.  He did doctor me when I was hurt or sick.  And put coats and shoes on me when needed.  My mother, on the other hand, did not like me for some reason and never talked to me as a person, only to give me orders, "do the dishes", "go to bed", etc.  My father taught me to drive, but in return I had to pull over somewhere so that he could pet and french kiss me.  I would be in a panic when my mother would leave the house, knowing what would be taking place if I didn't justify a reason to go somewhere.    THERE, I SAID IT !!!!!

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thats sad u have too find a reason not to stay with your father

I do it to my daughter she's 19 and sucks amazing ****

Another Wh*re F*cked by daddy.

For me it was super settle. I hardly knew he was doing anything wrong. The only reason I knew it was wrong was because I could see it hurt my mother. My dad would ask me to go on "errands" with him. We'd drive for a long time and he'd put his hand between my legs and tell me about how we'd run away together some day and how he loved me more than my mother. It's hard for me to believe myself because the really horrible stuff happened when I was really little. The care rides and the more subtle abuse began when I was 6 and continued until I was 14. I have very choppy early memories from when I was probably 2-6. There much more intense but I have trouble believing it happened.

my father that molested from 8 to 14 told me the reason he did it was because I was a wild thing and in his sick brain we were having a affair and that he loved me.

Thank you for sharing. Big hugs to you