I Was Molested By My Father.

Growing up I was a Daddy's girl. At 8, my parents divorced. My sister and I stayed with my Dad because he stayed in the house we had lived in our whole lives, & we didn't want to leave. He always worked overtime to help support us, and did everything he could to keep us happy. He 'was' a good dad. I don't recall a lot about my childhood, but I know I was around 11 when he started molesting me. It never seemed like he did anything to my sister, or that he really payed attention to her, and he always made sure she never saw him do it. He'd sneak into my bedroom early in the morning before his new wife or my sister were awake. Or he would come up behind me while I was doing homework late at night on the computer, and he'd reach over me and look up **** on the internet. He did things to me I'd never been able to experience on my own with a lover, and it was hard. I was 15 when I finally told my mother, and she was devistated. She always thought he was a good Dad, and she and I decided that we would ask my sister about it. She said he never did, and the next day at school I told my principal, and the investigation and prosecution process started. We found out he'd been molesting my sister, who was 9 at the time, for over a year. I felt like it was my fault, if I had said something sooner she would have never had to live through this. What sick man, a sick person to do this to his daughter's. I feel he was let off lightly, only a year in jail with work leave, and ofcourse he has to register as a sex offender in our state. It's been 6 years now since the last time I saw him, which was at his court date where they put him in handcuffs. I loved my father, and the childhood I had before the molestation started was awesome. I am now a mother of 2, a boy and a girl, and am over what happened. It still hurts me to think that he would hurt his own daughter's, but I don't feel like he is or was ever my father. I'm just over it, and I feel like that is wrong. But it feels great to be past something like this. Is it wrong? Am I bottling? Because I don't feel that I am.

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You shouldn't opened the can of worms. things like that happen all the time. You just made the courts and lawters foster homes and powers to be a little richer and that won't help you any.

I felt like it was my fault for years shame was what I felt. and demaged it stared when I was 8 until I was 14 he tried to kill me so no one would find out what he did.but today I am alive and he is dead.

Thank you for sharing your story. Nothing is your fault. It's good your getting it out now. I waiting until I was 27 before I ever said anything, and I have been killing myself for years ... <br />
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Please come and read, its long ... http://isurvivedbecauseihaveapurpose.blogs.experienceproject.com<br />
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Summer I am sorry you had so many years stolen from you. Right now I think you have many blessings in your life. You are a beautiful woman inside and out.