I Was Molested By My Grandfather

I spent a lot of my summers on my grandparents farm, my mom & dad both worked so that solved the babysitting problem. The year I was about 10 or 11 everything changed. My grandma died & my mom & dad got divorced. That summer my mom explained to me that it was very important I go spend the summer with my grandpa & help him both with the farm & to keep him from being so lonely.
I often slept in my grandparents bed growing up because the house was old & creaky & I got scared so it wasnt unusual that summer for my grampa to tell me to get in his bed. For awhile it was just like before only grandma wasnt there to cuddle up with so I cuddled up with grampa. A few times that summer I thought I felt grampas hands touching parts of my body but I would wake up & look at him & his eyes were closed, so I thought I dreamed it. Everything seemed normal during the days so I convinced myself it didnt happen & it only happened a few times. It wasnt like it was every night.
The following summer I was sent again to grampas farm, this time more to help him pack things up because he was selling it. I remember I had started developing because when my grampa picked me up that first day I remember him saying something like I was turning into a pretty young lady & saw that he was looking at my budding breasts. Like before I slept in grampas bed, but it was more because there werent any other beds in the house, they had all been taken down. After about a week I again felt grampas hands on me only this time it was different. This time I felt them on my breasts & he was rubbing my nipples. When I looked over at him he was breathing fast & his other hand was moving under the blankets but his eyes were still closed. He made some groaning noises then it was all over. I was confused about what had happened. As the days went on he never did anything more which I think left me more confused & to be honest I think during that time I had wanted him to do it again. A few days before I was to go home we went to his bed as usual, during the night his hand started roaming, first on my breasts & then down to my *****. He rubbed me there, all this time I could hear his breathing picking up. Then he did something he hadnt done before, he unbuttoned my pajama top & sucked on my nipples as he again started to rub me. I think he gave me my first *******. It felt good but at the same time I wasnt sure it was right. I know grampa had one that night also. On my last night before I was leaving, I looked forward to going to bed. I was hoping he would repeat that night, I wanted him to. I cuddled up to him, even found myself rubbing against him but he never touched me. The next day as he was putting me on the train to go home he told me he would see me next summer if not before, kissed me & told me he loved me. Then he said "dont tell our secrets" & the train started to pull away. That was the last time I saw my grampa. He died a few months after that. I never told my mom or anyone else.
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spound slike u might have a daddy fetish

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so you relly liked it my grandma did that to me but im a boy she was very young how old was your gandpa

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