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started on my step brothers birthday 8 years ago. Weirdly that 8 year mark happened to fall on my High School Graduation day. anyways...My grandfather took a strange liking to me that day. I am the middle child and so whenever someone would take more intrest in me i loved it. I was ten. He asked me all these questions about my interests so i just talked and talked. Pretty much my whole family was there since it was my brothers birthday. My parents were grilling outside on the back porch and they had announced that the food was ready. Everyone went out except my grandpa and I. I finished my story and i said lets go get some food. I started to walked to the back door. He walked fast towards me and he grabbed me from behind and said can i have a kiss? i had no control over it. It was the worst and the most confusing time of my life. A week later he asked me in front of my parents if i wanted to do a photo shoot for his new business as a photographer. I said i didnt want to but my parents told me it would be good for me because i could earn some money and get out of the house. A few days later he picked me up and we went to the chapel that my grandparents own...Yes my grandfather is a "Preacher for God". When we got their he gave me a ring box that had a heart necklace and a note in it. I glanced over the note and it told me how sexy i was and blah blah blah. then once i put it back down he asked for another kiss and he got really into and grabbed my butt. I told him to stop and he said sorry. After the 3 hour photo shoot we went to pizza hut and everything was fine. i thought he was going to stop. We went back to my grandparents house. My gma was still at work so we were all alone again. I asked if i could get on the computer to play a game and he said sure. so I went to the other room and got on the internet. He came into the room after about 5 mins and he told me to get up and sit down on his lap on the chair. I sat down on his lap and he rubbed my back and i just tried to ignore it. then he went up the back of my shirt and up through my bra and started rubbing my chest. I wanted to throw up. Thank god one of my grandmas friends forgot to knock and opened the front door and then shut the door and then knocked. That night i debated whether to tell my parents what happened. I didnt know what to do. A week or so after that, my parents had a party they wanted to go to and they asked my grandparents to watch us. They picked up a pizza on the way to our house and while my grandma and my brother and sister were in the kitchen and i was in the front room watching tv with my mouth full of pizza my grandpa tried to kiss me and i shoved his face back and mumbled no. he said sorry and i never had to deal with it again. It still haunts me to this day. Sometimes it doesnt bother me at all and sometimes i cry.
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Dont cry, n dont hurt urself bcoz of such persns,
Grow up

Tell your mom, just in case he tries anything again.

I am only admitting to this now bc I read this and it is so similar to what happened to me. When I was 7ish my grandpa used to rub my back and chest and make groaning noises, he did this in the living room with everybody around, but nobody noticed. To this day I hate it when he makes a groaning noise for whatever reason, I never told anybody about it. I am 16 now and I don't think I will be able to tell my mom, it would break her heart-and I just can't do that.

I'm struggling with the same problem. I want to tell my parents, but i'm so afraid to tell them because it will just mess everything up. If you ever need someone to talk to, hit me up and we can chat about it. Maybe thats what we both need.

Wow. My story is VERY similar.. But thank god your grandpa didn't do nothing really sexual like what happened to me.. God bless

I so sorry u had to go through all that..

I'm so sorry! I can't believe you were able to tell him to stop. Isn't it empowering to know you are the one that stopped this? You were just a little kid and you stood up for yourself. I'm kinda in the same boat, frustrated cause i'm letting it bother me now. If you ever wanna word vomit let me know. I've found it helps to talk about it, especially woth someone who understands. Good luck!!!

It is never the victims fault. NEVER NEVER NEVER. He is the one who was wrong. I don't believe i organised religion mainly because of the hypocrisy of so many "good " Cristians like him. Sometimes I really wish there was a hell so that people like that will burn. I am very broad minded and have done some things that would shock some folks. I believe any thing CONSENTING ADULTS (NB) do between themselves is OK but Abusing children always causes lasting harm. ITS NOT YOUR FAULT Hugs AB