What To Do?

When I was in 7th grade my step-dad would touch me. It started with kisses on the mouth, his supposed way of saying goodnight too me. My cousin found me crying after he had kissed me, she told my sister and I then told my sister. She said she believed me my family didn't. My brother confronted him, and of course he denied it. I was given the choice to make him go away but I knew how much my mom loved him and I didn't want to mess up another relationship. So I stupidly said no let him stay. Him being confronted didn't stop him or make my family more cautious to the problem that could be. After school most days i was alone, why i was alone I don't remember those details anymore. I remember going swimming with him, he would tell me to go under the water with. Hi would hug me under the water while humping me with his p**** on the way up. Other days he would kiss me, hold me tight, pushing his p**** against me. I remember asking if this was wrong..of course it was wrong i knew that but for some reason i wouldn't say anything I didnt scream or try to run away. Till this day i as myself why i didnt try to do more to stop this. Then came the day it got to be too far. He took me to my room as he continued to kiss me. He layed me on my bed would kiss me more touch me more take my clothes off. He pulled my pants down and would then kiss my v*****. I complained that his beard would hurt so he stopped. He told me to bend down on my knees and had me suck his p****. I started to cry it hurt my throat. He had me finish with my hand. I had already been cutting myself for a while, i was caught in school hurting myself. They took me to the security guard station i told her what happened. I was taken out of the the house, put In foster care, went to court where, custody was then given to my dad. After the court situation the turn out was I was the lier. My mom, sister, brother and even my dad didn't believe me. Step dad continued to live with my mom. Moral of the story, im still trying to figure that out. years later im back with my mom living with her my sister brother and step dad. Well see what happened next...
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Sorry you're back there. I had to go back too. Mostly he stopped after I turned 18.