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He Raped Me Later On

He wasn't my stepfather until I was 5. But he watched me frequently since I was born. Before I could even say no, he made my body his own. When they married things got worse, it went from molestation to rape.

Now he's out of my life, but I still relive it all every night. I have Depression, and Complex PTSD. I starve myself and self-mutilate, and still... no one in my family believes.


lolitanomore lolitanomore 13-15, F 5 Responses Nov 25, 2009

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Ask the Lord God to give you mental, physical, and emotional strength. The good thing is that the Lord God is going to deal with that loser who sexually assaulted you.

I pray that you are mentally and spirtualy healed.

I do go to therapy, but it's so much to deal with. Thank you for your comments.<br />
I will ask my therapist about cognitive behavrioral therapy. Does it help with Dissociative Identity Disorder? We think that's forming... not sure yet though...

I truly hope you are able to get the healing you need. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help soooo much with the persistent thoughts (ruminations) and help you be in control of when you choose to focus on it. Look up a good cognitive behavioral therapist in your area and get help.

My heart goes out to you, I'm very sorry you weren't protected as a child. I know it's difficult to not have your family believe you, it makes you fell alone. <br />
<br />
I would really suggest that you seek help, someone to tell it all to, so you begin to heal.<br />
<br />
Take care and hugs