So Young !

 I remember as if it was yesterday . I was 4yrs old when my mom moved us in with this person. The fondling started almost immediately it seemed. I don't remember what my thoughts were. I remember as I grew older he would come into my bedroom at night and fondle me, and ********** while doing so. My mom evidentally suspected something because she moved my bedroom around twice, but that didn't stop him. I remember I was in my bedroom brushing my hair when he slipped in and snuck a kiss on the side of my neck, I was sooooo scared after that. I tried to tell my mom by asking her not to leave me alone with him when she leave, but she did. My brother saw that that day and told my mom, but she didn't believe him. That went on till I was 13 yrs old. One night when he was in my room and kneeling besides my bed, the lights came on, this was my mom. He flat denied doing anything. Then later admitted it and said I wanted it and liked it anyway. Later I graduated and joined the Job Corps just to leave. My mom and I were estranged for years, and it ruined a lot of potential relationships with a man. I tried numerous times to confront her and ask her "WHY" ? I did finally, and she told me I was the blame for all her boys lives being the way they were and that I made my step father have sex with ME, and I stole HER husband. Well, needless to say, my mom is not allowed anywhere near me nor my children. I feel sorry for her because she has missed out on all our lives including her grand children, grandchildren and just recently a great grand daughter.My life has never been better and I've never been more at peace with myself and life.My mom needs help, she's sick...........

texassouther texassouther
56-60, F
Feb 17, 2010