It Hurts

When I was 9 my step father molested me until I was 17 I wanted to tell some one but I was afraid my mom lose her husband it hurts so much not a day go by I don't think about it know one knows how much pain I go through I wish it didn't happen but it did an I have to live with it for the rest of my life I get up with tears in my eyes every night I wish it could go away.
Shelmadene Shelmadene
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I feel pain like is a nomal thing now.

!Please don't let it continue hurting you!look at it this way....its over in the sense that it wont happen again,so try and be done with also made you uniquely who you are,and you will understand this better when you get have a SPECIAL compassion,love and understanding to give the world because of this experience which no one else has in your way!this is life.this can make you soo beautiful! Forgive yourself and be happy by bringing nothing but love toEVERYONE you meet!there is much evil in the world that we cannot effect,but we can be more resolute in living a good quality loving life ,surrounded by good people because we choose it.please don't hurt...use it to be the best person you can be from this day forward.drop me a line anytime!