I Was Molested By My Uncle When I Was 6

when me and my mom were going through finaincal issues we live with my aunt and uncle and they had 2 children a boy and a little girl,it was one night they were all going to sleep so i said ill stay up here and watch tv with my uncle and everyone left then he said do u want to see something and i said what so he walked over to me and put his whole hand in my underwear and started to touch me and go inside of me. i felt so shattered then the next day he acted as it was nothing i felt like it was all my fault.so i never told anyone i felt ashamed i felt my mother would hate me,and how would anyone feel if you were the reason your aunt got a divorce.well i was 6 at that time and it haunted me forever,so 6 years later i was watching a show about a girl who got molested by her coach so i cried myself to sleep to explain to myself why i never told anyone i felt sick so the next day i told 3 of my closest friends and they didnt believe me at first but then i started to cry and they beleived me and told me to tell my mom but i thought she would hate me forever and my aunt i thought no one would be there for me so i talked to my friends and they persuaded me to talk to a guidance counselor and i agreed,so tomrrow im telling everyone my friends said he diserves what ever he gets i wanted to kill myself last night i felt like it was my fault and,i had to tell i couldnt let him do the same thing he did to me to his 6 year old.i would be happy if they got a divorce and if they never talk to him again he better leave me alone because this isnt my first molest.my cousin and my 2 cousin i dont know whtat i did to make them think i wanted this to happen to me.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Sweetie, they did what they wanted to do, not what they thought you wanted; you were innocent, they were guilty—don't blame yourself.

Look sweety thay are sickos and god will make them pay.