He Actually Taught Me A Lot..

It all started when I was 9, we lived in very small apt.. Mom, dad brother and I. My mom's cousin (in his late 20's back then) needed help and asked if he could stay with us. He was nice we would always play games with him. It went from a tickling game to a grabby game with me. He never did anything to my brother, he was 5. His hands would suddenly rub my breast (I developed very young). Then we had like wrestling matches and he would pin me down and rub his crotch on mine. I was too small to know that was wrong, but i guess i felt good so i never told my parents. He then moved out..

About couple of months later my dad's brother was going through hard times so he also asked to stay with us. I was then 10 yrs old. He served more like a baby sitter cuz both mom and dad worked and we would go to school. But when we got home we stayed with him most of the time. I remember well that one time my parents went to the market and my brother tagged along. I wanted to stay home to do homework. I was in my parents room when he came in and asked what I was doing. I told him homework, he said "aren't you tired" and he started rubbing my back, shoulders i said "kinda".. He then went down my back and had his hands on my waist as he went up he put his hands towards the front and grouped my breast. I pulled out and said " heyyy". He said "it's ok it'll make you feel good".. He came towards me and said "let me massage them too, they look nice". At first i felt it was wrong, but I did get a nice feeling having his hands touch my developed breast. He then turned me around and was grabbing my breast from behind, his c*** rubbing my a**. I felt him getting hard as he kept rubbing, I would feel his hot, fast breathing on my ear and his moaning as he was grabbing my t***. I remember feeling a weird sensation down there, I was already liking boys but hadn't felt like that before. Other times we were alone he would always take advantage and rub or grab my breast. Another time we were alone he took me to my mom's room and told me he was going to show me something. He said" I'm going to do something to you that I know your going to like, I wont hurt you". He laid me on the bed and pulled down my shorts and panties. I was scared but in a way felt protected by him. I knew he wasn't going to hurt me. He then started telling me step by step what he was going to do to me. He said "when you get older boys will do this to you and I want you to learn how your going to feel". He then touched my tiny, young virgin ***** and caressed the lips.. OMG!! I remember getting chills.. Then he said "your going to feel my fingers".. he then parted the lips and was now playing with my ****.. I was getting so aroused and yes at age 10. I remember him asking me all the time "does it feel good, do you like it"? I remember you having my eyes closed enjoying it and answering uuhhu!! What a horny feeling. Then he said "I want to taste you?" I was naive so I asked "what do you mean" I then suddenly felt his warm tongue inside me..WOW!! what a sensation, tingling all through my body. His mouth felt so good going around in my *****,he moved it all around and the tip of his tongue playing with my **** ohhh god!! Then he put his tongue inside my p**** tongue f****** me. I remember being so wet. He then stopped, laid on top of me him still with his clothes and was face to face with me and asked "are you ok, did you like that?" All i could answer was "YES".. He then kissed me put his tongue inside my mouth, that was my first french kiss.. I could taste my p**** in his mouth. he rubbed his now hard **** next to my bare p**** as he kissed me for awhile. He asked then, "do you want to feel how a c*** feels?" I said "How?" He said "I will rub my hard c*** on your *****, rub it inside but not penetrate you" I said "ok". He pulled down his pants and it was the first time i saw a ****.. wasnt bad. He then started caressing my ***** all over i felt his hot precum **** rub my ***** while he was kissing me again, was a nice horny feeling. At first i was afraid he would want to take my virginity but he took care of me so he didn't. He stood up and asked me "you want to learn how to suck c*** and know how it taste?" I said "ok".. He stood up pulled me up, sat me on the bed and grabbed my hand to grab his hard slimmy **** with his precum and mine. He pulled my head in toward his **** and put it in my mouth, he told me "just suck and be careful with your teeth just use your tongue". "Put my **** in and out your mouth, move your head from side to side as you put it in and out." He was twitching and moaning so much enjoying was i was doing to him and at the same time he was grabbing my ****, pinching my nipples, we were both enjoying. He was sooo hard and horny he didn't even tell me what was about to happen when he grabbed my hair, pulled his **** out of my mouth and started jacking himself just couple of times when suddenly he started screaming and his **** squirted me all over my face.. Tons of cummmm came in my mouth and face, he was screaming with pleasure. My first time tasting ***.. was good. Several times we were alone and we did it again. Never penetration but it did come close to it, but he never insisted if i said No. That continue for about 2-3 years . I still see him every now and then but nothing goes on. Thank You uncle...
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Good story.

I LOVE this story! If you don't mind, I'd like to be your friend. Please add me.

Added you

how did you ;ose your virginity?

Lost my virginity to someone else at age 16


Might have to write another story on that.. But it was with a senior from high school I was a sophomore

can you share it with me please

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dam , , like beans in a can !

great story, hope you two are still close/

Not close like that anymore.. We might want to f*** now..

I think it's really sad for you that you think what he did to you was ok . I hope it's just a story .

I'm glad you had a positive experience. :)

Even he somewhat abused your confidence, it's very arousing how gentle and caring he introduced you to sex. I would have LOVED to have an aunt introduction me to sex at that age :)

Mmm soo hot. If I was your uncle, I would have filled you with my ****!!! Mmm and still played with you from time to time... Please add

I know it feels so good. I enjoyed it and would feel wrong telling. Besides I promised

I would love to share stories with you teena. Would you please add me to your friends?

He was (is) one sick man to do that to a little girl. Did you ever tell your parents - even as an adult?

wow, love this sexy story. have you ever considered initiating any young boys into sex?

lovely story dear. thanks for sharing it

I won't lie, that got me really hard.

what about losing your virginity ? how did it happen?

Mmmmmm got me so hard, i wish i could of turn time and be your uncle for that day,only different it's that i will **** you and fill you up baby ;)
Please add me

Mmm added you!

The older ones teach us and awakin us although i think was a double edged sword expecting younger ones to keep up. I was 17 and with a 47 year old for many years.

Would you be willing to pass your knowledge to a younger generation? XD

glad you finally got around to writting this story. Very hot just like you still are


You write such a great erotic stories, and they are hot hot that you are sharing

Baby, that's a hot story!!!

All my stories are true!!

Thats even hotter!!! ;)

tore me up.

Good or bad?