I am 37 and I have never been able to say this or deal with it until now. I hit rock bottom in April and tried to take my life. For years I have been an angry person. Since I can remember from my early childhood I have been angry. It was finally after this act of desperation that had to come to terms with the fact that my father molested me. I finally cried and let it out and felt pain and depression instead of anger. I have now taken this step today to let it out in the open on EP. As I write this I am brought to to tears bc of all this pain and depression. I want to be free and happy. At 37 I must begin to learn how to do that. I hope to find the love for myself that I have never had and I hope to finally be able to look in the mirror and feel like a man, feel like I like myself, and feel comfortable in my skin!
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((((Hugs))))) you have support here anytime you need it.

Thanks I appreciate it!!! Hugs for u

Anytime. ;)

I`m sorry

Thank you I appreciate your kindness. U made my day.

Thank you.

I no exactly how you feel and I feel your pain....
You will get there slowly now that you no what you want, you just have to allow yourself to be happy and comfortable within.

Thanks it was hard to post it but I feel so relieved I did

Sometimes that's all you need to do.
Just release it from within even just that makes such a huge difference but it a great big step to take! And it's the first step to finding happiness for yourself.. :)

That is the plan thanks