Never Tell

the day after my whole being had been changed . when everybody woke up, i crawled into bed with my best friend i had to tell her . i remember looking at her with tears streaming down my face, whispering everything that had just happened a couple hours before ; at first she didnt understand what i was trying to tell her . she thought i meant he just brushed up against me in my sleep . and the first person i ever told said to me "you cant tell anyone" . and when HE woke up, he asked me how i slept & that killed me inside . i had to pretend everything was okay . i wanted my dad, he would of held me while i cried and told "its GOING to be okay" . but the person i trust with everything said i couldnt tell . in that moment i felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and nobody was there to help me carry it . i was alone .
haren1120 haren1120
13-15, F
May 7, 2012