I was acutally molested by 2 different people at separate times in my life. One of them I told 1 person, and they didn't believe me....the other one I told everyone that would listen....and they still didn't believe me, except for 2. But they couldn't do anything to help...the detective didn't believe me, and even my own father refused to listen . . . . . so he got away with it...and then one of my 'friends' married him . . . . and to this day (it happened about 8 years ago) any time I see his face I get this gut wrenching feeling . . . . I don't think it will ever go away
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I was molested and told my mother and shesaid oh he wouldnt do such a thing. So it went on for many years.

i understand how you feel. i was molested when i was 15, no one but my twin brother and one of his friends believed me. my dad, mum, and all 8 of my other siblings thought i was lying. it was a horrid feeling. i hate being called a liar. my sister even had the nerve to say it was a way to get attention.