I Was 8 Years Old

When I was 8 years old something happened to me. It was a man who lived in a pensioners' residential home cross the street there I lived. He used to stand in the window and wave with his hand when he saw me on the street. He did that every day for a long time so one day I waved back with my hand, and then he opened the window and asked me to come up to his room.

When I came to his room he asked me if I wanted something to drink or if I wanted some candies. I said that I wanted lemonade. He gave me my lemonade and started to ask me quextions about school, my friends, my siblings and my parents.

Then suddenly he asked if he could put his hand in my pants and I said that I did not want that. He continued to talk to me and then after a while he asked me to take off my pants so he could see my penis. I thought he was ok so I undressed so he could hold my penis in his hand. He told me how beautiful it was and that his penis was not as pretty as his.

He showed me he penis and wanted me to hold it so we could measure it.

This happen many times before it stopped. I never told my parents abut this old man. I am not sure if I can say that he molested me, but for sure it was a strange situation between us.

tse tse
56-60, M
Feb 17, 2009