Tainted Innocence

I was molested when i was 6 years old by a guy who was about 16 (i won't get in to details though), its funny because i had blocked it out my mind completely but when i was about 14 that guy came to visit my family in NY and when i saw him i felt this intense dislike towards him and i just couldnt place why i had a sudden urge to kick his ***, and as i stared at him,  wham the memories where unlocked and i remembered the whole incident.

i had to walk out my house and leave until he was gone before i did something very stupid which would have included me grabbing a weapon and using it on him. well he ended up leaving and i went back home, i prayed to God to take away the rage i felt, and as time passed by i have learned to forgive and let it go, yeah if i see him i again i might want to punch him in the face, but at least i dont feel hate or like seriously hurting him anymore.

except recently i found out he molested my brother who was 7 at the time and it was worse then what he did to me, and i felt the rage start up again when i heard this i was so angry, you know its like one thing to mess with me but its another thing if you mess with my family, so again i prayed and prayed and prayed about it and it has started to calm down again thank God. im grateful that im a very strong person emotionally so i think i handled it pretty well, cause i know stuff like this can really screw people up, but i pray God gives yall the strength and comfort like he has given me, because molesters dont deserve to have that kind of control and affect on our lives.

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1 Response Mar 5, 2009

He definitely did, if I didnt know Him I think this would have ahd a bigger effect on my life today.