Dirty Bastard

I still have flashbacks to what he did to me.

My psycho-atrist says that my body is holding onto to 'body memories' and that is why I have panic attacks with the flashbacks. We tried EMDR at my last few sessions (which were over 3 months ago), but they only made me remember more and feel worse.

I just want to forget. To me normal. Not to feel ashamed and dirty and totally ****** up.


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6 Responses Aug 16, 2007

Lm is right, you're a survivor! and hang in there, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm getting close to it.

This is my EXACT story with treatment 2 summers ago. So scary, but feel good for the progress you've made! It's hard work.<br />

Just remember this. We will come out on top. We may have been unlucky and abused at the bottom, but we will claw our way to the top. You may never forget...but you are not dirty, or ****** up. You are a human being.

Soooooooooooo Sorry, honey. I wish the best 4 u and hope you can move on and live a normal life again. Who the hell would do something like this? I am so ticked about this and it kills me to actually think some horny jerk would put a woman through all this crap. If I knew who it was and close enough to visit them I would be kicking their a** right now or chopping off their d***!!!<br />
I am a feisty, bad beeotch.

Aww...poor you. So sorry to hear that. I hope that jerk goes to prison for doing that to someone as nice as you. Best wishes for your future hun, hope everything works out nicely and your able to live your life to the fullest potential without constantly thinking about bad past experiences, but it is normal to have these feelings. Does anybody else know. Don't be ashamed you're not the bad person here.

You are not a victim of this any more! Now you are a survivor!<br />
<br />