Up Til Now

i have never worn girls clothing, but i have wanted to since i was 14. i grew up with my mum and four sisters and trust me, it wasnt easy. mum never understood guys and my sisters took advantage of that by blaming me for all the trouble they caused. eventually i moved in with my dad when i was 7 and everything got better. i was more confident and the time apart from mum helped alot, then my little brother was born (six years earlier would have helped) half a year after i moved out. im pretty sure hes going to be one of us but only time will tell. it was half a year after joining my new school that it happened, i met John, he was the new boy in school and had hair more ginger than mine (only slightly less girly than my long curly locks reaching down to my lower back(i guess that might have been a bit of a hint)) the cutest green eyes and a rediculously amazing butt for such a skinny boy(i like butts...alot). when we first met we got on like a house on fire, normally i didnt like a dirty sense of humour but he was never as vulgar as the other boys, except from when we got drunk and started rating all the butts in art class(we both greatly enjoyed butts) but in my second last year he got a girlfriend, and i got depressed. i couldnt figure out why until i had my first wet dream, ill spare you the details other than that it involved John, me wearing a miniskirt and nothing else, and the best eight hours ive ever spent asleep. that was when i found out 3 things about myself, i like boys, i liked john and i want to wear girls clothing. in that dream i felt more confident, sexy and happier than ever. but i live in a small town that isnt exactly open minded, so i dream of the day i can wear skirts and bras and makeup whenever i want without fear of people treating me differently. i still have hope
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Jan 20, 2013