Why I Don't Really Like Minneapolis

the short version:
I was on my way to a friends place, it was a nice night and I kind of parked and walked. I needed the air. Yes, I was walking alone, but I wasn't walking all that far. I figured nothing would happen. I'll admit, that was not a wise decision but I've made dumber ones. I was about 2 blocks away from my destination, out of nowhere some guy jumped me. He wasn't armed (well he had two of his own) and he grabbed my bag (which was a thrift store find and probably the most expensive thing he took from me) and it's contents. I started to get attracted to my mugger and I hated it. I knew he knew it because there was a change in his behavior. I think at this point he had a lot more than mugging on his mind. I was crying like a baby I got that turned on. I think the mugger had to have known why I was in tears. it wasn't as much out of fear as it was to attraction. I don't like how the police handled that situation stupid Minneapolis cops. I know I wasn't hurt but still there could always be a next time with another person. I hope they found the guy that's all I can say for some weird reason the mugger didn't tell me his name it was dark so I couldn't get a very accurate description of him, plus I told the cops that all I could think about was how to get away. I hated him I hated how close he got to me. I remember how he smelled and I remembered the forcefulness of his push. The mugger started to get closer to me, too close for comfort. I was extremely panicked at this point. I had my back to the wall and I screamed, thank goodness someone heard me scream! I have no idea how the scream came out but it must have. The good samaritan came around the corner running asking if I was ok! Of course I told them not to come anywhere near me I was shaken up. The mugger backed off and I immediately hit the ground at the point in tears. They asked me what happened and I kind of told them through the tears. While this was happening, the mugger started to make a run for it, I couldn't help but laugh at him a little while he was running away. I've never seen such a cowardly male. I told the good samaritan not to even go after that coward, he didn't take anything of real value. He told me to report it anyway. If the mugger didn't catch me unaware and I wasn't so turned on I was weak I would've kung-fued his a**! I could've taken him or at least tried to. If that good samaritan didn't show up I don't know what would have happened. I wasn't strong enough to fight off an attacker that's for sure. I try not to think about it but I do. I was extremely lucky.

wack1985 wack1985
31-35, F
Aug 13, 2010