I Don't Know If It Was A Real Gun

It was a few weeks ago. I had just walked my friend home from a party and was literally like 150 metres from her apartment and a guy was walking behind me trying to get my attention. Unlike my usual 'ignore everything' I turned around and he pulled out a gun and asked me for all of my money. And I said 'ah ****, I only have, like, five bucks' and pulled out my wallet and gave it to him. And then he introduced himself and we shook hands. Any ways, long story short, we talked for at least 5 minutes in which time he gave me back my five dollars, asked me out to dinner, gave me his phone number, and then gave me five more dollars because he felt 'really bad'. I really don't know why that turned out that way. I was just really chill the whole time. And then when I left the adrenaline was pumping and I was really paranoid for the rest of the walk home.

I was a really shite witness too. I didn't call the police 'til like 20 hours later 'cause I'm a fork.
ForkFace ForkFace
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Lol so bassicaly you took hos money in the end