I Don't Know What To Do

It was around 630 in this afternoon when i decided to go out and play my skateboard. I feel normal ,like a good ol sunny day. What's in my mind was the weather was fine nothing to worry (because we, skaters hate it when it rains) Anyway I decided to go to a mall nearby our skate spot when suddenly two a**holes grabbed me and told me that their friends were assaulted by a skater like me.  I'm not like other skaters who makes trouble and so I explained my side but they insisted that I come with them. (how stupid i am) I said yeah sure. long story short. The other guy grabbed me in the arm, t'was so tight I can't even do anything. they got my blackberry and all my money. How lucky i am to punch one of the guy in the face so I can run away with my IPOd. They both didn't try to chase me off, maybe because of the 2grands and 2 bucks and 1 blackberry in their hands :( 

It's 2:33 Am now at my time. I can't sleep. Everything keeps flashing back. It felt like it was really happening every time i close my eyes. I'm still scared and have a feeling of  "never go out again". I don't know what to do. I searched on the internet "how to move on after being roobed" then i found this site. I really want to tell this story so i can feel like I'm talking to someone else. I'm really really scared. Even if I know it was safe I still don't get the normal feeling i used to have before going to sleep. Well thank you for reading this. God bless. 
FreddyF FreddyF
May 25, 2012