Scared Straight

I am an eighteen year old college student. Like many, i got caught up with selling weed. I was at the wrong place doing the wrong thing. I was a doing a drug deal, being stupid. I drove about a half hour from home to go sell about a grand worth of marijuana. Normally i wouldn't do business with people i don't know, but this was a friend of someone trustworthy, so i thought i could pull this off well. When i arrived in the neighborhood i was already sketched out. Im not sure why i went through with it. I got out of my car and put my backpack one with the product in it. I walk up to the back of the house when all of a sudden two black men come after me asking why i am in their neighborhood. At this point i knew what was happening, and what i am going to lose. I was scared. I had no control over the situation, i had no idea what these two lowlifes were gonna do to me. the very tall one grabbed my arm and dragged me into the middle of the alley where no one could see. He told me to drop everything i had, and he patted me down. He took my phone, my backpack, and 80 dollars cash from me. I felt so empty. I can't believe i thought this was a good idea to do. I walked away with no pride whatsoever. I had just lost a thousand dollars. That thousand dollars was all i had invested in pursuing my weed dealing. I feel so broke now, thinking of all the things i could have spent that money on. I feel powerless, at one point i was out there doing business, now im completely broke of dirty money. Although i feel somewhat traumatic about the situation, i have much of a bright side to look at. My drug dealing days are over. There's no more risk of getting caught and ending my life dream as i know it. If it was the police that had taken that weed, i'd be in jail, a felon, and have no bright future or career or anything. I would not have been able to simply stop selling weed and keep that thousand dollar wad for my pleasure. It was an addicting, powerful urge to keep making more dirty money that way. Now i can drop the illegal activity and focus on more positive aspects of my life. Thanks lowlife black people from the hood, I will now be pursuing a great career while you guys end up dead or rotting in prison.
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Jan 11, 2013