Satin Tickles

My first memories are of mothers bedtime game she played with me called satin tickles. I was three at the time and while my memory of being that young is hazy there are things I do remember.

I can remember she was always mean to me except at bed time. By day she would scream at me that boys were dirty. Boys were nothing but trouble and how she wished I had been born a girl. If I ran around or made noise she would put on a pair of leather gloves and spank me until I was sobbing and begging. After a spanking I would get a lecture as she would smoke and blow the smoke in my face. I do remember I hated the smell and hated even seeing her with a cigarette. I do remember she smoked Salems back then.

At night she would come into my room dressed in satin lingerie and wearing satin gloves. She would bring along satin ribbons and bows and of course her cigarettes. She would sit on the edge of my bed, light a cigarette and then start tickling just my face and neck with the satin ribbons and bows. She would talk about how pretty and "dainty" the satin ribbons were. How shiny, soft and silky the ribbons were. She would tell me satin was for girls and I was lucky she was even using it on my face.

The ribbons felt so nice on my face but at the same time tickled terribly. She would ask if I wanted her to stop and I would always beg for more. I fell in love with the touch of satin just from that limited touch. She would tell me to watch her smoke her "pretty cigarettes" as she would tickle me. She would say that if only I were a girl she could dress me in pretty satin dresses and tickle me all over and not just my face. How if only I were a girl I could sleep with her on satin sheets at night and be her sweet little princess.

As it progressed I can remember her having me run my fingers through the ribbons and run my hands over her satin slips. I was soon begging her to make me a girl. She would say that I would be a sissy then and I didn't want to be a sissy did I?

It wasn't long then until she took me into her bedroom and sat me down at her vanity. She made up my face like I was one of those little girls in the pageants. Next came a blonde wig and then she would slip me into a gorgeous pink satin party dress with darling pouf sleeve and all prettied up with satin bows. The dresses were all made of acetate bridal satin and lined so the shiny side was inside and outside.

My little hairless childs body was incredibly sensative and the feel of all the satin was mind bending in the extreme. I became very aware as well that satin made a special sound and even had a nice smell to it. My mother called my penis my wee wee and from the moment she slipped me into the dress my wee wee was stiff. It would slip and slide against the skirt with every move I made. She also began to keep my wee wee and balls tied up in pink satin ribbons at all times to make sure I was erect.

Mommy would then dress in a satin gown and gloves and have me straddle her lap and would have me rub up and down on her as she would smoke. Soon I was having *******. No *********** but the feeling was there. Since I didn't ********* I would stay erect and would ****** as long as I was stimulated.

Next she began stripping me down to just my little satin gloves and she would tie me laying face up on her satin sheets using satin sashes to tie my wrists and ankles. She would cover me with a satin sheet with the shiny side against my skin and then use the pouf sleeves of a satin gown and slip and slide the sleeves all over my body. She would use big pom poms of ribbons and bows over the satin sheet and on my bare skin.

When she would use the pom poms on my inner thighs, feet and tummy I would shreik and struggle like crazy to escape the tickling. She would ask if I wanted her to stop and I would beg for more. She would chain smoke during these nightly sessions she called satin pleasurings. She would use her satin gloves on my wee wee, tease it with the pouf sleeves and tickle it with ribbons as she smoked. She would talk endlessly about the pretty satins, het beautiful cigarettes and of how I would always need her to do this to me. How I would never leave her like my father did. How I would never leave her like her father had.

It was drilled into my head that everything we did in her room was special and secret. It is a wonder that when I started school at age five the teachers never noticed how spaced out I was or how terribly shy. I was spaced out and afraid because I hated the real world and wanted to be back with mommy in her satin room.

At home she had total control over me. I would urinate in a jar she would hold and had to do poopy in front of her and have her wipe me. If I strained the least bit trying to do poopy she would get out the enema syringe.

Every morning at home would start with her giving me a bath wearing just rubber gloves and a rubber apron. She would soap up my wee wee with the slippery rubber gloves until I would have my first ****** of the day.

Next she would doll me up for the day in satin and then slip into something made of satin or leather herself. In all the years it went on she would always slip on kid leather, satin or latex gloves before playing with me. It would always start with her having me curtsy to her. I would then place a cigarette on a heart shaped satin pillow and bring it to her.

I would kneel in front of her and she would light up. Mommy would reach under my skirt and fondle me with her beautiful leather glove and she smoked her pretty all white cigarette. I would hold my mouth open to serve as her ashtray as I would moan in pleasure from the touch of her glove. She would talk about her gloves and tell me how I must love and adore her beautiful cigarettes. In time she began to keep my nose stuffed full of cigarette butts so I could enjoy the "divine fragrance".

Before my father left her they were very into fetish and S&M. My mother had a very serious collection of satin and leather wear right out of the old Irvin Klaw photo shoots. I came to think of her as either gentle loving satin mommy or as Leather Mommy.

My mother was sexually abused by her father starting when she was just three. He would play dress up games with her as well as have her older sister burn her with cigarettes. He also forced her to perform oral sex on her baby brother.

Her father died of a heart attack while in the act with her when she was just sixteen. She ran away from home in Connecticut and ended up hooking in New York City. She told me many times whern I was in my teens about her adventures as a "Filthy ****" in NYC. She was the pretty girl who would dress up and do anything a trick wanted. That was pretty rare in the 50's.

I know her mother died a few years later and left her the family home. She ended up getting married to one of her clients who was a submissive crossdresser who worked in New Haven. They moved back to her family home and she went to work turning the 2nd floor bedroom where she had been abused into a sort of satin shrine. She did the walls in pink satin curtains, tented the ceiling in pink satin, table skirts in satin and of course full satin bedding. Mother was quite the seamstress and made little girl dresses for herself in satin. The same type of dresses her father had her wear when they played games.

The worst thing she ever showed me was a wine celler under the basement floor. It had heavy wooden doors and had an old klawfoot tub in it that was mostly full of gravel. She told me that was where her father put her when she was bad and threatened to tell.

Anyway once my father had married his dream mistress he discovered his family hated her. She was unstable and had no tact at all. His family were all strict Irish Catholic. He left her twice to be with a "normal" woman when he would be in a purge phase.

Before I was born she misscarried twice and was told not to try again. She had her heart set on a girl and not for normal reasons. She wanted her own dress up play toy. I was a dissapointment to her until she saw how I looked all dolled up. I made a very pretty little girl who could have been in the pageants.

By the time I was seven I had been trained to worship "Miss Vagina" with my mouth even if she was on her period. She had an open bottom chair and I would lie with my head on pillows so she could seal her anus to my mouth. In time I learned to perform as her toilet paper. She would urinate in a glass and use cigarette butts as if they were olives in a martini and have me drink it all down.

It was all about pushing me harder and harder to see how far I would go to earn the pleasures of satin mommy. I would have 30 to 50 dry ******* a day from her gloves and more in bed with her at night.

She would even wear gloves to bed where she would perform oral sex on me and have me rub my wee wee in her vagina.

I had my first *********** at eleven. Then it became a game for her to see how many days she could keep me on the edge. Right from the start the rule was my wee wee must always be hard. If I lost my erection her gloves would soon take care of the problem. I will write more in a few days.

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thanks for sharing

You are a true wonder. You should be a Goddess so that we all can worship you at your feet.

you are one of the worlds most wonderous, magnificent creatures of Kink I ever saw. I love to to bits. I am a satin fetishist too and would love to replay those dreams with you as Mom and me as the satin plaything

that's a wild and sexy storie

that was a very well written and touching story , from ct. also and when growing up wanted to be both tough guy but on the inside had many female urges such as shaving legs and wanting to be seen and used by others . thank you again for sharing dear your very beautifull.

this is very creative and hot, I am mother and have a smoking fetish myself and the idea of doing this to my own child is arousing, I would never do such a thing but thats not my point<br />
<br />
my point is that this story is obviously an absurd and totally fictitious **** fantasy, obviously obviously obviously a complete fabrication

No problem baby doll, take your time.

Thanks for all the nice comments. I will be writing more in a week or so. O have been having some health problems and have just not felt up to it.

I ran out of time, but I have you bookmarked. look for me monday or tuesday baby doll. I never had pretty dresses like yours, just a few hand me downs from my sisters. It was better than what most boys my age had. Mom did buy me one nice dress just for me. I'll tell you more about it soon

will you writte more about it?

Hmm...You had a very sad and disturbing upbringing...But at the same time you enjoyed what she did...well, she trained you to want that, quite carefully so. I'm afraid I'm rather horrified by the idea of grooming a child into masochism and domination.<br />
( maybe it's the cigarettes-I'm an asthmatic and having that much smoke around me... I would get sick so fast).<br />
But urine and licking feces off her? making your own child do this?<br />
She had no right to...take advantage, wake up something that was for you to wake up alone, and then pair it to being humiliated.<br />
<br /> does the reactions of the people who are delighted by this story feel? How does my reaction feel?<br />
<br />
If you want me to take it down, no problem...

Your reaction is based on what you have known and experienced. It helps me to see it from both sides I guess. The replies where people are delighted don't bother me at all. After all these years I still crave and dreamof being back under her control. That isn't possible of course but I would sell my soul for it.

Hi! I must say it's a touching story, arousing, tough also...<br />
it reminds me a movie, I thought it is kind of the same story, somehow:<br /><br />
nice movie, powerful and touching<br />
<br />
have you watched it?<br />
<br />

Hi Marylene

I have seen clips from the film. The one where the mother is making him up a bit. I found myself wondering why she was doing such a terrible job at it. I kept comparing it to what my mother would have done with me at that age.

I read your story. So much in it got me very hot and aroused. My mother never knew or would have approved of my crossdressing but I have and still do to this day fantasies about her making me wear her silky clothing or tying me down to a bed and stroking me with her silky blouses or slips until I would have *******. I also fantasize about her publically humilating me.

HUGS darling x

thank you for sharing if you want to write more will read,yours is a strange story and so sad.

Thank you for sharing your story with us sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />