Twice A Week

Way, way, way back in the mid to late 1970's we had PE twice a week. The Sergeant Major otherwise known as the PE Teacher insisted that we all took a shower after football and gym in the autumn & spring and, after cricket & gym in the summer.

We were told this in our first PE Lesson and there were to be no exceptions! All of us were a bit nervous after our first football game in our first lesson, with eyes looking all around to see if anyone had a bigger todger than anyone else. So after stripping out of our football kits we all headed to the showers forming an orderly queue to step into the showers before being handed a towel by our PE Teacher to dry off with.

After a while we all got used to it until puberty came calling and then a few of the lads began to hide their private parts with their towel. Silly lads as we soon put paid to that and ripped the towel from them, leaving them naked so they had no choice but to reveal their dropped golf balls so to speak, and disply their member proudly.

The PE Teacher frowned upon this ritual with looks that could kill a man stone dead, but eventually decided that no matter how many times he complained, we all reminded him that getting naked infront of each other for a shower was his rule and we all abided by it in our way; even if he didn't like it :)

All of us endured this passing of puberty ritual and by the time we were sixteen, there was no embarrassment if one of us got a semi erection or on occasion, the odd full erection. To this very day I'm sure they were just showing off. Anyway we had all passed through to the inbetweener's stage together, and there was no point in hiding what all of us hadn't seen before anyway.

That was then, but I can't help thinking what some of us would have got up to in this day and age, what with our sense of humours, modern technology and camera phones; I dread to think lol.
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I've been surprised by others' accounts of school gym and showers. I assumed everyone did what we did, but that's not so.

Starting in 7th to 10th grade, we had gym class every school day. We had to wear our school gym shorts and shirts, and bring and wear jock straps, lol! Then after every class we HAD to take showers, no exceptions, and every day. It was very uncomfortable for most of us at first, but, after a little while we got used to it. Of course we'd kind of hold our towels in such a way that you couldn't see everything. Some of the guys had no prob, however, flopping their big dicks all over the locker room! I loved it.

I remember so clearly that this one guy who I had had a huge crush on for two years and was a big jock and very popular, but also much nicer than most,on the first day of gym and so the first day we had to ***** in front of each other. He had dressed very quickly, and was sitting near me talking to a friend of mine. I was taking my gym clothes off, and when I was totally naked, he gave me a looking over, nodded to himself, and then got up and left the locker room! He had actually just been waiting to see me naked and check out my goods!

It made me feel so ****** good to realize that this hot jock was actually that interested in my ****! Wow! I never would have suspected that in a million years. We never did manage to get together tho... wah!