What A Nightmare!!!

I'm a small freshmen in highschool who hasn't started puberty YET. So I'm the perfect victim for bullying. This happened yesterday when I was getting things out of my locker. Jack the bully I hate, came to me with a smile;a scary one and suddenly he grabbed me by my arms really tight. I struggled and shook my body but he was too strong for me. His friends Ricky Derrek and Ashton then came from no where and unbuckled my belt. I knew what was coming and so I yelled and screamed. Ashton covered my mouth and my eyes with is huge hand and I felt my pants pulled down to my ankles. Then they took my shoes and socks off, leaving me with only my orange shirt and tighty whities. I heard giggling and laughs. Girls were watching. I tried to make a run , but before that could happen, one of the guys pulled my undies down, which made my face bright red. More laughter came and I said to let me go now. But the guys just ignored me, laughing I pulled my shirts down as long as I could, and the shirt was like my life. But that didn't last long. Jack pushed me to the ground and sat on me, forcefully taking my shirt off. I yelped and said please no! But of course he did it anyways. He got off me, and I was laying on the cold ground,naked. I covered my private part and curled like a ball. The crowd took pictures and laughed so hard. Then, something way horrible happened. He made me stand up and remove my hands from covering my crotch. I said no way and jack said then I'll have to go to home room naked. I didn't want either of that to happen so I just stayed still. But then the bell rang and jack just left with an evil smile, stuffing my clothes into his bag. Now I had to go to class naked! Ricky shoved me to class and I ran quickly to my desk. I sat uncomfortably on my cold metal chair and all the guys were staring at me. I felt a blush and turned very red. They laughed, and giggled. My teacher,mrs. Kasre came in and looked so surprised. She asked me what happened but I was too embarrassed to talk so I kept quiet. There was silence for a few minutes and then she made me stand up. I was so confused but she didn't look like she was joking. So I did, slowly and she said face the students. I was shocked and just stayed still, but she came to me and made me face the students. She said since I didn't tell her about it, this was my punishment. She said things about being brave and stuff like that but nothing went through my ears. I was too embarrassed and I just kept looking down. It felt like such a long time until the class ended. I covered my balls with my hands with all might and went out the door as fast as possible. But jack and the guys were already out waiting for me with a bunch of crowds. I said please give me back my clothes and I'll do anything. I almost cried. But then Derrek grabbed me and tied my hands to the BACK of my body which revealed my hairless crotch. I twitched and sat down, but it was no use. They pulled me back up and held me so that I wouldn't sit down again. The crowd laughed so hard about how small and bald they were. My face turned so red and I could feel the heat. I said free me now, but they did not listen. Ashton pulled my crotch really hard which made me jump and scream like a girl. Everyone laughed and people from the crowd started to punch and pull and kick my balls. It hurt so much that I cried and accidentally kicked jack's leg. He got mad and started to spank me on his thiegh really hard. He spanked me for like fifty times until the bell rang and he threw me into the trash can. My butt hurt so much and I heard people laughing at my butt. My hands were still tied up to my back, so there was no way I could cover myself. So I stayed in the same position until the first period ended. The bell rang and jack came and got me out of the trash can. I sat down again which got the guys to immediately get me up to stand straight. It was such a torture to me, and I hated jack so much. So I ditched all the classes by being locked in a locker, shoved into toilet and tied to a flag pole. And I was naked all the time, hands back. It was such a horrible day for me and I wish it never happens again!!!!!EVER!!!!!
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What school do you go to?

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