"You Know You're Going to Hell, Right?"

I think I'd always known that I was not baptized and it never really bothered me much as a child.  But I remember asking my mother once why I wasn't baptized.  Her answer was "We just never got around to it with your brother or you."  That pretty much sums up our family's relationship with christianity  lol  But it was such a silly thing to hear from your mother. My older sister was baptized but not the two of us. That's what seemed kind of strange to me. They just got busy between kids and moving and all and never really got around to it.  It's not strange considering that I have never been to church etc.  It just wasn't a part of my family, at all. 

So it didn't bug me too much.  But when I was in middle school, I told a group of friends that I was not baptized.  And this boy, who I thought I was friends with, turned to me and flat out said; "Well you know you're going to hell then, right?"  Everyone just stopped what they were doing and stared at him.  I think my jaw dropped.  Why would you say that to one of your friends?  Even if it is something you believe in your religion.  How could you say that to a friend?  geez.... I still can't believe he said that in front of the whole class and in such a mean way.  wow... people continue to amaze me. And over something like being baptized as a baby??? Why do you think the church invented the last rites? Cause baptism isn't a guarantee of anything. silly

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Baptized at What Age?<br />
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Jesus’ words at Matthew 28:19, 20 show that it is those who have been made his disciples that should be baptized. Hence, it follows that no infant or small child could meet the sc<x>riptural requirements for baptism. <br />
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An infant could not exercise faith in God’s Word, in God the Creator, and in his Son Jesus Christ. An infant could not understand that the holy spirit is God’s active force; nor could it repent of past sins and make a solemn vow to do God’s will.