I Don't Have Strong Family Values

It seems almost everyone in my immediate family has betrayed me and that is now why I am distant from my family.

I know I am anonymous...but it's still hard to talk about the things I have been through so maybe one day I will come out with it all but for now, I'm going to take baby steps.

I hate my father. He was never around. My mother and I left him when I was a baby. He was an abusive man- mentally and physically to my mother. He had a girlfriend in the open and would always be at her house, even on holidays. There are 4 of us kids, but he didn't care that he already had a family.

One year he disappeared and he is probably dead now...which I am okay with. He deserved to die and suffer....I hope he suffered. I heard he messed around with the Hells Angels so I'm assuming they probably got him. Sometimes I feel angry towards my sister because she loved him and was daddy's little girl. She never saw the bad things he did and still misses him to this day. She's my older sister by the way..but whatever. I want to tell her what a terrible man he was, but since he is dead the rest of the family begged me not to ruin her image of him. Let her continue to think he was a good man.
beautifuleyes13 beautifuleyes13
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Sep 19, 2012