I Think The Rebellious Teenager Is More Myth Than Fact.

I was not a rebellious teenager, nor have I met very many. Teenagers are, of course, not quite as mature as adults. Growing emotionally is a lifetime process and even the oldest of us have a lot more of it to do. But there's very little evidence to justify teenagers' ubiquitous and unchallenged reputation for wild hell-raising and criminality for the sake of ******* off their elders.

Looking through my profile, you'd probably come to the conclusion that I'm rebellious, and you wouldn't be entirely wrong. However, these are beliefs and attitudes that I chose after the end of my adolescence and are not at all similar in practice to the widely believed-in teenage rebellion. I see no reason to act flippantly or violently towards authority, nor to break rules merely for the sake of breaking rules, nor to "express myself" by dying my hair unnatural colors and dressing as bizarrely as possible. I will not stand in the way of others or act inconsiderately. I make an effort to be polite and non-confrontational (unless there's a good reason for confrontation) and in my experience most teens are not much different. If there's such a thing as teenage rebellion, it's likely the result of overly authoritarian parenting or the fact that they're always treated as if they are misbehaving. Nothing inspires open hatred of authority quite as well as preemptive punishment.

So, parents, stop complaining about how your precious little angel turned into the Devil when he or she hit that magical age that marks the beginning adolescence. You either did it to them yourself or you're just seeing what you expect find, rather than what's actually there.
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Jan 9, 2013