the Waitress

I have been here Nevada now for several months,I have made a few friends and apparently one I didn't know I had.When I have time I do my drinking at a bar in one of the casinos here.Weekdays from 5-7 they have happy hour where you get 2 for 1 drinks.I make happy hour when I can usually not arriving till 6 and catching part of it.There is a lady who works there serving drinks and I had gotten to know her a little over time.She is a very attractive woman in her late thirties and keeps herself in shape.I had known she was divorced and that she had recently broken up quite stormily with her last boyfriend. One evening I got to the bar around 6:30 and was looking to catch the tail end of happy hour.I sat in my favorite spot and was looking for the bartender when the waitress sat next to me. Let me tell you here I am not using names out of respect for her and not to be secretive.I looked at her and said hi and could see she looked upset.Can I talk to you she asked?Sure,you off today? No just got off at 6 I worked days today.She moved a little closer to me and asked if I would mind moving to a table where we could talk in private.I bought her a drink and we sat at a table.Move closer to me she said.I scooted my chair next to hers.She looked directly at me and hugged my arm.This came as a surprise to me as we had always seemed to have boundaries as to how far we would go with each other.Moving her face close to mine she said I am in love with you.I damn near died right there.Then to complete my shock she kissed me.She told me that I was the only person in years that had treated her with any respect or politeness.Everbody else was just out to **** her.Well damn I sure as hell wanted to **** her too but had put the notion aside as there was never any indication from her that I was anything more than a customer.A nice and familiar one but still a customer.I knew that she knew I am married(though separated) and in my shock all I could think to say was thank you.You see she said you are always a gentleman.Trying to think straight I held her hand and said you know I'm a traveling guy,you are beautiful and of course I want you,I know too how beautiful you are on the inside from watching you and listening to you,but baby I won't be here long.I know she said.But I want you while you are here.I have never met anyone like you and I need to be near you.Let me tell you here I am famous for ******* every hole I could find and I'll be damned if now I did'nt want to **** her.I want to hold her and protect her,talk with her and make her smile.Just when I thought I had been everywhere and done everything now this.I am still in shock and don't know what to do.
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1 Response Oct 21, 2006

this girl seems nice but keep your distance. she wants you while your here, knowing your going... then when your going she will hate you for leaving. totally expecting you to stay for her! plus she is fragile... and you will do more damage to her if you just "get in & get off"<br />
good luck to you,