the Waitress II

I saw the waitress last night.I left work early and met her when she finished her shift.We stayed at the bar so I have not been alone with her.I cannot understand why a beautiful woman would be so intent on an aging playboy like me.She knows I am married but separated,she knows I move around the country and she knows I may be leaving here soon,but she doesn't care.The only conclusion I can possibly draw is she is lonely and feels I am a nice guy so she wants my attention.She has these big expressive dark eyes that her feelings shine out of and it scares me to death.I liked it better when I was just a customer and could watch her as she worked and think about ******* her.Now she's turned the tables on me and I feel like her protector.I'm scared she will be hurt when I leave here and go to the next job.I'm even more scared that she will follow me.I will be seeing her tonight as she will be working and I have to go see her but am scared at the same time.This is one of the few times in my life I am completely lost.I want her but I am afraid of hurting her,she apparently has brought feelings to me I hadn't felt in a long time.I guess I better think about heading for the next job quick and put this behind me.
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51-55, M
1 Response Oct 23, 2006

I rated this a 5 because Trav just showed some TRUE, raw, brutal emotion here! Good luck on this delimma,sur!