the Waitress III

I saw her last night.She was working and we didn't sit and talk but she kept an eye on me.When another woman who I know slightly stopped to speak to me daggers came out of those big eyes.I am supposed to go to her house Saturday for a home cooked meal but we all know what is going to happen.Damn it I'm scared why does she have to cause feelings in me.Sure I have lusted after her and not said a word about it,that's why I feel the tables were turned on me.It would have been perfect if she had said say let's party Saturday night.This beautiful woman is upsetting my whole world.I could not stand myself if I hurt her.I want to hold her and make her feel safe and warm but love no.I want to roll naked in bed with her and taste and feel her but love no.What is she doing to me.A good friend said that I am smitten oh how right they are.Somebody shoot me please I am in torment.
traveler traveler
51-55, M
Oct 24, 2006