I Am Smitten

My new lady friend has succeeded in capturing me.All she has to do is look at me with her large loving eyes. Being the traveler this is a big problem for me.I will have to go for my job one day and it may be soon.Yet it will kill me to hurt her.She has told me she understands and she is happy for what ever time she has with me.This whole affair has shaken my entire world.From the time she told me of her love for me a few days ago up to this minute nothing has been the same for me.My whole focus has changed from my job to her.We have done some talking and she says she will always be  welcoming for what ever time I might have to come and see her.A friend has told me that that is BS and that person may be right.I'm sure the person is right that my head isn't on straight.But I am smitten and will just have to let things take there course.
traveler traveler
51-55, M
Oct 26, 2006