I Saw Her Last Night

My new life was waiting for me when I came in from work yesterday.She asked if I wanted to stay at the bar and have a beer or go to her place.Let's go baby I said.We got to her place and I said I need a shower and she said she needed one too.God it was beautiful showering with her.So many ordinary things seem wonderful with her.I refuse here to talk about any sex with her as I respect this woman and want to protect her.I didn't have any clean clothes at her place so she got me an old robe.We ordered a pizza and watched the Series game on TV.I explained baseball stategy to her and we sat happy with each others company.She keeps her hand or some part of her touching me all the time and the feeling is amazing.About 9:30 I got up to go as I get up at 4:30 in the morning.We kissed good night and I went home feeling happy and lonesome at the same time.My world is upside down and I am happy,scared,confused,lustful,content,worried,and absolutely insane. 
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1 Response Oct 27, 2006