I Really Messed Up

I argued with my ex, in a really horrible and immature way, whining and griping about how I missed out on so much because I had to be someone's wife (and not my real self, whoever that person is)

Then I complained about a friend, who my ex does not like.  Then I turned around and complained to the friend about my ex, and back and forth I went all day. 

I was yelling at my ex and threw 3 coffee cups and one shoe. (he wasn't around, thank goodness, i wouldn't want him to sue me)  I made 2 holes in the wall (I can't remember what made the second hole, I know one was made with a shoe).

God, oh God, I hope he doesn't see the holes in the wall.  I could get in trouble if the lawyer finds out.

HotPinkGirl HotPinkGirl
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4 Responses Mar 12, 2009

You're mental.

So why argue with the ex? What good does it do for you. Sounds like it resulted in holes in your walls...lol.<br />
I have this picture of high heel shoes scattered around and about in your walls. Maybe a new way to store them?

Throwing shoes is a bad idea, especially if they are high heels. They always make a hole in the wall.

another thing you can throw is ashtrays..if they are circular they work like a frizbee..they hit there target better...lol