Was Not Young When I Lost My Virginity

well compared to today, young girls loose their viginity way too young.  when i had my first experience with a partner, i was 18.  today we are together for seven years. we have two wonderful kids. never have cheated on him. never been with other men. havent thought about being with someone else. i do love him. but the thing is that i dont feel appreciated.. my husband rarely goes out with me. we dont go out to places and do stuff together. hes ten years older than me.  probably that explains the problem.
Sarah619 Sarah619
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2 Responses Apr 18, 2011

I was nineteen I think that was too young but I suppose really it depends on who you loose it to, you could be 40 and if it was with the wrong person it would still be too soon.

Yep! Older guys?.....just aint the same.........as, oh well?