Always Am

I just don't get it. Unless a girl actually walks up & says I want you or someone tells me, "Hey, she's interested (actually, he's interested a few times)", I never pick up on it. Maybe I subconsciously think I'm unattractive or something. I've had so many women I knew in high school or college that I've met later say they had gigantic crushes on me. Of course I hear this after they're happily married with children or whatever. My ex-wife was great at picking up on the hints. "She wants you," she'd laughingly say while we were married. "Really?"' I'd respond, "How can you tell?" Sometimes I just need to be hit over the head with a stick to get what's going on I guess.

QuixoticKidEternity QuixoticKidEternity
Apr 10, 2008