For Years...

I was oblivious to being hit on my the same guy over, and over, and over.  Looking back on it now, it's really funny.  He was Mr. Subtle, flirting with Ms. Oblivious.  I'm surprised he never just gave up.  I did eventually catch on and as they say alls well that ends well.

Hate to admit it, but I'm still oblivious to it.

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4 Responses Aug 2, 2008

If you can please yourself you're way ahead of the game...that's the most important thing, I think.

Hmm never thought about that I guess you are right. I am sure you just may start some big thing cause there are some people who believe there could be only one. Will see. LOL

That is good at least you have one. (wink)

That happens. LOL When I was teenager I never realized that there is this one girl trying to become more than just a friend. I don't think I was oblivious more stupid since she was pretty and nice person. Looking back now, who knows what would happened if we will become one. Life goes sometimes strange ways