I had just left the shadowing kindergarten thing and was on my way to MY night class when I got the idea to stop into the kids old preschool. I knew it had a new owner and that it was now a Montessori program and thought that I could get extra observation class hours there. The woman was very nice and welcomed me in. We spoke for about an hour (so cutting into my study time) but it was very interesting. Turns out she wants to turn it into a preschool through 3rd grade program and wants to know when I graduate? She LOVED me *big cheesy grin* and would love me to join her team.

If nothing else it was a wonderful compliment that I made such a great first impression on her but unfortunately it's not the road I'm on right now. Who knows, I never close doors to connections so what happens happens. Regardless she would love for me to observe and said I can come anytime. I need about 40 more hours this semester so it will help me tremendously. It's close to my day job so I figured I could sneak away for lunch or something. It's not like I eat anyways.

Whoo hoo!

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Getting to know people and networking is a great way to further your career. The fact that she took interest in you shows that you have that something special that caught her eye! <br />
<br />
Well done you! :)

Good for you darlin'! I love when things like that come together. I have met so many wonderful ppl along the way and try and keep up with as many as possible just in case. I'm not one to ask favors for me but for my charities there are no holds :)

Fantastic connection. Networking is the way to get to where you want to be. Similar thing happened to me last night at the gym. Might have found an evening gig giving chair massages at the Community Center a few nights a week. Love to give massage and I'll get to meet a lot of people who might be in a position to assist some of my clients. And the frosting on the cake, I get paid to do two jobs I love. What can be better than that!