Solicitation For a Tv Appearance

Well now this is just about the darnedest thing.  I filed a lawsuit against the individual who ripped me off about moving into that house mentioned before and it didn't occur to me that it was a matter of public record.  So I get my court date set and I'm chillin Monday night and my phone rings at 7:30pm and I let the service answer.  Some woman from the Judge Judy went into the court house and pulled my case information and wants to fly me and a witness round trip all expenses paid to Los Angeles CA to be on the show.  Maybe someone else would have been a googoo gaga about it but I was pissed.  Number 1, that case is MY personal business and my privacy was violated, number 2, I did NOT give anybody permission to call my home and solicit from me, not to forget the fact that this is a STRANGER who has invaded my domicile and can bother me whenever she feels like it since she has stolen, yes STOLEN, my personal information and chose to use it without my say so.  With all of the problems and life beatings that I've had I would think that I could have back the calm, untroubled, existence that I had before everything went downhill for me and now there's something else for me to deal with although not as bad as what happened to me previously.  I expect since I did not and will not respond she won't bother me again.  There is a matter of harassment too.  Should Judge Mathis' people contact me the same applies.  I just want to get my case settled and be left alone about it and everything else.
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May 22, 2007