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I grew up in the '60s and '70s in a very strict family and my Mom was an avid spanker for misbehavior. I am the middle child and have a sister who is 3 years older than me and a sister who is two years younger than me. I started getting spanked at the age of two and then Mom introduced the hairbrush at age 7 and did not stop using it on me until well into my 17th year. SHe would also use a yardstick and a wooden spoon but the hairbrush was her weapon of choice.

Mom had, and still has, a heavy wooden oval hairbrush and she used it hard and often on all three of us girls. God how I hated that thing! She was an over the knee spanker and it was always, always, always on the bare bottom.

I just found this site and I have many tales to tell and shall do so but I'd love to hear from other girls who got spanked in a similar fashion.


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We grew up in the same era. You were a number of years behind me but would have liked have known you. Spanking was quite popular then. Kids even encorperated it in their play. Were you ever involved in such spanking games as house or school? It was a favorite thing of mine. Read my stories and find out how special those memories are to me.

I remember spanking my cousin when she was about three (I was 5 or 6), and her dad came in and told us to stop. But he didn't seem too concerned, and that's because he was a "spanker" and perfectly used to spanking his daughter and also her mother. As I grew up my dad gave me the cane. That was a serious proposition, and not a game!

Wish I'd been your brother, so your Mom would have spanked me. My Mom never spanked me, and I remained a brat. I deserved it very often; would have made you girls seem well behaved by comparison,and you'd have gotten fewer spankings.<br />
I often asked my wife to spank me for my bad behavior, but she never did, either.

I got all sorts of implements used on me, apart from the hand, slipper, hairbrush and sometimes the belt.<br />
Now I am a Mum of 4 children I am doing to the same

Interesting how you would repeat this behavior with your own kids. I wouldnt and didnt

Dear Jenny, I am 24 andstill get put over my mothers knee and spanked with one of them old hairbrushes.

Jenny how was the razor strap compared to the hairbrush?<br />
<br />
My mom used the hairbrush on me and my dad used the strap. The difference was that with the hairbrush the spanking seemed to last for an eternity, especially when my mom was really mad. So while the strap sucked I only got like 15-20 whacks with it. But the hairbrush - could have been 100's of spanks. Who could count? She was a very rapid spanker and once she got my hiney in position across her lap she lit it up like fireworks on the 4th of July

I couldn't spank anybody, let alone on their bare bottom and with a brush? I wonder how sadistic mama was and if she liked doing that. I dare think there are better ways to teach to be honest and direct. Spanking seems like a revenge for the satisfaction of the Judge.

The hairbrush was the worst! When I was younger my mom used either a fly swatter or thin paint stirring stick that we called "the ruler". They both stung and she not only spanked my hiney but also the backs of my thighs.<br />
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She would start by lifting up my legs in the diaper position and spank up and down the backs of my thighs and lower hiney area with that darn ruler. Then she would turn me over face down across her lap and paddle my entire hiney with the ruler and finish off my spanking with a few more swats on my thighs.<br />
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But when i was 7 I burned a hole in the living room rug. That was the day she introduced me to the hairbrush - and for the next 7 years we had frequent encounters. She always applied the hairbrush to my bare hiney while laying across her lap. All were unpleasant.

my mom spank me with her oak hairbrush that was grandmas brush that she use on mom<br />
my mom would blistered my bottom so bad all the time my sister an borhter got it also

i get spankings from my mom now with a hairbrush. it hurts my bum so much. I jus got one 2 days ago becos my mom caught me saying the f bomb to my sister. i hate getting my pants an panties pulled down like a lil kid and then spanked bare bottom over my mothers knee. the spanks make my bum sting soooo bad it feel like she is never gonna stop spanking me. after the spanking is finished i have to do corner time and i cant rub my bum at all. i have to stand with my nose to the wall for 30 minutes. if i try to move my mother pulls me back over her knee to spank me. My dad spanks me the most, but now that school is out im home with my mom more.. i think bare bum brush spankins hurt a lot.

I remember the sting of my moms hairbrush across my bare bottom,my Dad was the main spanker in our house & used a belt,but i feared my moms hairbrush much more,my spankings were alwys given over the knee with a bare bottom. I think i deserved every spanking i got & a lot more.As a mother of 5 now i spank my kids in exactly the same way i was spanked minus the hairbrush or belt.

Your kids are lucky (in my opinion) not to get the brush or the belt. I truly felt that I benefitted from my spankings and deserved each and every one of them but I think they would have been just as effective had they been given by hand.

Seriously? How can you possibly say a hand spanking can sting and burn like a blistering from a solid wooden hairbrush? The burn from one of those can linger for days!

Ah Maria, This I know first hand as I know you do as well. I am just saying , and I think you might agree, that the mere fact of being spanked might have sufficed. I believe you recall the full humiliating effect of the whole ritual surrounding being spanked and might agreee that it went a long way toward the punitive effect. The act of the spanking itself was kind of secondary. Yes...a full on blistering with Mom's hairbrush was a "defcon 4" type response to my recalcitrance, but I think the trauma from a spanking even with her hand woud have gotten the point across.

i was spank by moms hairbrush all my yonger years my last brushing with my bare bototm over moms knees was when i was 20 years old

That's a tough one joejoe because they all hurt about the same so for me my worst hairbrush spanking had to do with pain more on an emotional level than on a physical one. If I was spanked for something I said that was hurtful then that was harder on me. There was a time I called my Mom a F@#*ing ***** in high school. I got a wretched hairbrush spanking for that (along with a mouth soaping and subsequent strapping from my Dad). I'd say that was my worst

You sure had that one coming!

Hi Maria,

I agreee with most of the spankings I got (at least with the wisdom of hindsight) but this one I knew at the time was one that was well deserved1

I had the occasional smack as a child, one or two across the backside or thigh but never across the knee or anything and never with my pants down. It would usually be followed by a couple of warnings which I had ignored. They would only ever use their hand but after age ten, I was never smacked. I got grounded or had pocket money stopped instead. I do not believe in spanking children and will never spank my own kids, I don't think it is necessary if you have other discipline in place that you are consistant with.<br />
My facination with spanking has come because I believe that men should take the lead in marriage and after being a surrendered wife I was led to the website, taken in hand. I actively seeked to be more accountable to my husband and that is why I have agreed to be disciplined by him. Initially it was for discipline only but I have been astonished by how spankings make me feel less stressed, calmer and more emotionally stable. I also get very turned on by being spanked so often my husband will give me a light spanking now as forplay. All this has strengthened my belief in not spanking kids because it is so clear that there is a sexual connection to this, I never thought I would end up with a bit of a spanking fetish but I have.

mom had oldfashion oval oak hairbrush it was her moms ibelive that is what she told me an that was use on me growning up me an sis

Well Jaz, in my opinion everybody can benefit from a good spanking. In many ways I think I'm a better person from getting the ones I received

This is great reflection of growing up. I'm very much a fan of spanking for both children and husbands.<br />
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Jaz xx

I know you wanted to hear from girls...<br />
<br />
But my mom was an equal oppurtunity spanker...meaning that she would use anything she could get her hands on to use on my bare bottom. I have experienced, yard sticks, rulers, wooden spoons, spatulas, ping pong paddles, whatever was available was used...but if she had time to prepare her weapon of choice was a belt followed closely by big wooden hairbrush. <br />
<br />
She would also do it in public and in front of my cousins (all of which are female) for the added embarrassment factor!

Hi Bonnie,<br />
<br />
I was referring to the Movie Secretary starring James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal<br />

I hated that old dark brown polish wooden hairbrush that has been used on me too. Luckily it has stopped at 16. Unluckily it was traded to the belt.

To Bonnie,<br />
<br />
I don't so much mind guys talking about it but I prefer to hear other girls' perspectives

I grew up in the 70's and remember the hairbrush well.