I was spanked quite a bit with Moms hairbrush.I'm the middle child with an older & younger brother all 3 of us have felt Moms hairbrush across our butts. My dad was the main spanker in our house using a belt,but OMG i feared Moms hairbrush much more.Our spankings were always over the knee & with a bare bottom,whichever parent was spanking us.I hated the words 'Susan go get my hairbrush' iknew it was going to hurt like hell.It was'nt just a few whacks we got with it either it was at least 15-20 whacks everytime we were spanked,i remember the sting of that hairbrush each time it hit my bare butt.I used to beg her to stop but that just made her spank harder i was always in tears after a spanking with that hairbrush.I absolutely deserved every spanking i got & when i visit my parents now i still get shivers when i see that hairbrush.
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My mom was the disciplinarian of the family. Her had hurt just as bad as any paddle she might wield did.

Wow that must have hurt

I hate brush spankings ! they're way worst than a belt !

guess u dont like hairbrushes theses days ! so moms spankings sound like they were worse spnkbooty

i hated my Moms hairbrush. I start to feel ill when was getting the brush. I was spanked at 8yrs up until I left home.

with the brush on the bare follow with corner time.

I agree with everyone getting sent for the brush or for that matter any implement gives you butterflies in your stomach . Carrying them back you knew what it was going to do to your bottom and how many times do you tell yourself that you are going to be good so this is the last time it will happen. ( Well most times, it never was the last time)

I feared Mums brush to as a child but like Phoebe20 i dident have to fetch it it or another implement. Sometimes mum ask one of us to bring her the brush if one of our siblings was in for a spanking but we dident must bring her the brush or spoon if our own bum was the target.<br />
<br />
Oh and Ineedaword. I think you can not belief what coming next but our parents see our genitals mostly daily over years. Becouse if we are babys and in kindergarten age we cant clean us ouerself and need help with bathing and hairwash. Our parents say that they wash us becouse they dont want that we stink and got sich but now you open my eyes and i see that mum and dad was perverts child molester.

I feared the hairbrush too but I didn't have to fetch it.<br />

Mom placed whatever she was going to use on the tub's edge before placing me across her lap!

I hope your not a real psychiatric nurse. Most members here are indulging in their hidden denied sexual obsessive disorder, AKA, spanking fetish. Almost all will deny it. Just because your mother and father were ignorant that forcing you to remove your clothing and exposing your genitals to them was harmless and the sexual humiliation they were causing you was safe good punishment that was only just good deterents does't mean you have to do the same thing to your kids. Why risk giving them a mental disorder, a sexual compulsive obssesive disorder distracts adults from other things more important in life. Why lurk here getting private emotional satisfaction and erotic thrills from discussing spanking kids? Your kids don't deserve a lifelong sentence of this disorder do they, just because you need to punish this way? Go study more current knowlege about obsessive compulsive disorders. Some day when mainstream society finally gets the word from a united professional psychological community about all the various harms from spanking it will be banned. Just because you are a parent there is no excuse gives to sexually shame your child in the name of effective punishment does it? You will never know when your children will experience sexually erotic moments before the pain and the trauma will combine sexual pleasure with pain condeming them to this fetish sexual compulsion and complicating their lives and partner selection.

Yes i am a psychiatric nurse &amp; have been fully qulified for 20yrs.I don't need you or anyone else to tell me what i need to study.Who said my parents saw my genitals? I certainly did'nt &amp; they did'nt.I also have no desire to look at my boys genitals when i spank them. I'm not here to get kinky kicks Just here to share stories on how &amp; why we were spanked or spank. Please do get your facts 100% correct when you decide to 'tell' me what is going through my mind.

Why in the world do you equate a fetish with some sort of condemnation? That is just plain silly. No one with any sort of legal, consentual fetish should feel condemned in any way. Maybe you and your strange judgements and extremely poor writing skills are the one with the problem.

Kids sure learn just what a "searing sting" is when they get it with a good wooden hairbrush. that's for sure. Amazing how fast the behavior improves after that, too!

I'm going to invest in one this week for my boys.But i start to get hot sweats just looking at one,lol.

I was spanked by my mom with a hairbrush more times than I'd care to remember. They were all horrible but for some reason when I was made to bring her the hairbrush as opposed to her having it next to her or already in hand it was so much worse. I think it was because I'd have to actually touch it and feel the heft of it and the knowledge that I was delivering the instrument that was going to turn my fanny into a blazing mound of pain just made me so scared.

It was horrible was'nt it? I would've taken a spanking from Dad anyday of the week over a spanking with that hairbrush.

How i hated Moms haibrush,it stung your butt so bad.