But It Wasn't By Mom~

When I was 5-6 my Mother remarried a man with a daughter approx 6 yrs older than me. We moved several states away and suddenly I was left alone during the summer days with the new step sister. I had no idea what would spark her rage toward me, as I was quiet and unsure and stayed as far away from her as I could, but she started taking shots at me with my mother's hairbrush.

This was no ordinary hairbrush, though.... while she would typically hit me with the BACK of this WOODEN hairbrush, occasionally, as her frequency of beatings increased, she turned the brush over and beat me with the bristle side.... the METAL BRISTLE SIDE. They didn't flex or bend and scratched so badly~~~

Not too many months before the short-lived marriage came to an end, my cruelest beating occurred.
My Mom worked as a bartender in the bar of the resort we lived in. My step-father was in the "house" band but they often went on tour as well. Our apartment was across a huge parking lot from the bar where Mom worked. You opened the outer apartment door and immediately faced an extremely steep set of stairs covered in long green shag carpet (70's were GROOVY MAN!!!). That day my step sister started early... whatever the cause, I never knew but it kept getting stronger and harsher until I FINALLY defied her threats of worse beatings and tried desperately to escape by running to the safety of my mother at work. In my first 2 attempts I stumbled and fell down the stairs and she grabbed me by my hair and dragged me back up them turning to beat me about the head and shoulders.

However, I remember my feeling of desperation on my 3rd and final attempt when it was she who stumbled at the top of the stairs and I was able to grab hold of the doorknob and open it! Finally at least I could scream and get someone's attention maybe?! I did not stop running toward the bar although I knew she could probably run faster than me--I just knew her wrath would be much worse for getting past her so I couldn't stop! This time my cuts and scars would be visible when Mom got home.

I wish I had a happy ending where I was rescued and she was punished-- but despite my efforts she caught up to me and dragged me back into the apartment and up the stairs.... that is the last memory I have of that day. I don't remember any of what happened after she got me back inside... past those green shag stairs.
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What would your step-father have done if he had known about this? Your mother?

She probably resented having to raise or discipline somebody else's kids.

Thats awful!how old were you?

The story is well told. Thank you.


My eyes started watering while reading your story. Damn girl that she was. Did you ever figure out why was she doing this crap unto you. I'm sorry hon, deeply sorry, that you had to endure this when you were just a baby girl and hoping for a a good life ahead.

It surprises me to read yours and others' reactions, as this was, in my thinking, the least of any of my childhood abuse. I forget that it did hurt my spirit and affected the making of who I was.

Thank you for having the courage to share that with us. Many people choose to push it down deep and not address it and they are never quite right.........Writing is cathartic I've found in situations like that and also it makes the public take their head out of their *** and face tough issues they try to pretend don't exist.

You make an awesome point! I've written about my abuse once for counselors but haven't ever chosen to since. I wouldn't want to flood my EP profile with them, though, and be a downer (there's alot), but wouId consider it if I thought it could help someone else--and so much of the newbies I see are really young. That just means I'd need to write more FUN stuff-- that sounds daunting~but I'll see about it~

That was indeed a very terrible experience. I'm sorry that it had to happen to you. <br />
<br />
It appears as if she has received her just reward, although it's a shame that there are children involved in it.

Unfortunately that story is replicated across many blended families. I'm glad you escaped eventually.

Good point! Most parents know their kids have some anger related to a divorce, but few would ever think of them directing it at a younger sibling--but it is necessary to watch for signs and keep good communication. Thanks forreading and commenting~

What a horrible story.......it is amazing how cruel people can be.

Wow that sucks how you were treated.I hope those scars healed,feel bad for how you were treated .Thanks for sharing.

Yes, thank you, those scars are fully healed and were the least of any of my abuse, so to me, its more of an interesting story actually. Fortunately they/we only lived together about 8 months--it wasn't long-term. Thank you for commenting, new friend :)

That one happened near YOU, in fact. I saw her only one time since..... sad life, young mom, absent father, drugs early and throughout.... Sad for her children.

Brutal..I hope she got her just rewards eventually