Bottom Blistered By Hairbrush

I was shopping with my mother, and wanted some candy. Mom said no, not at this time. Since I still wanted some, I picked some up and put in my pocket. someone saw me, and told the clerk. My mother was stopped and told i had taken candy, and she would have to pay for it. My mother did, and told me i would be punished when we got home. When we did, she took me to her bedroom, pilled down my pants, and put me over her knee. She then started with her Hairbrush until I was yelling like crazy. My bottom was was blistered.. I learned never to steal again.
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ah mom and a hairbrush and a boy's haughty bottom. What memories!!!!

I have never been smacked with a hairbrush but had my bottom blistered twice for stealing sweets when i was about 7,i never stole again.

I was spanked by the brush for taking candy. I was spanked in front of the store manager when I was about 8.

I too got caught stealing but I was caught by a sales lady and brought to the office. They asked me what my name was and who I was there with. They then called for my mother to come to the office over the public address system. I was 7 years old and the stepson of one very mean stepmom who carried a wooden spoon in her pocketbook. She never used it in public but would take it out and threaten to tan our hides with it if we didn't behave. She would say "how would you like me to pull down your pants and spank right here in front of everybody" That always got us back in line. Well anyway. I didn't know what to expect but I knew it was gonna be bad. In storms stepmom with 9 year ops stepsis in tow. In the office was the manager who was an overweight woman in her 40's and a young girl at a desk who must have been in her teens and the sales lady who caught me. The manager told how I put this toy whistle on my pocket without paying for it. Stepmom knew it must have been true as I had asked her to buy it for me twice and she said no. She was so angry. She grabbed me and shook me and said why did you steal that toy? I said "I didn't" and she said "are you calling this lady a lied "? I said no and with that she smacked me across the face and started smacking me about my arms and back and all over. I started crying like a little baby. She dragged me over to a chair and sat me down and told me not to move. The girl at the desk was smiling and my sister was looking very happy too. Now stepmom and the manager are talking and the lady takes out a paper that she says my stepmom has to sign. She said oh yeah. Before I sign anything this bad little boy is gonna get a spanking he won't soon forget. This made me start crying even more. The manager said she thinks a good old fashioned spanking would probably do me a lot of good. With that out came the wooden spoon. She ran over and grabbed me out out of the chair and starts whacking me all over with the spoon. I'm crying and screaming and jumping around and all of a sudden she starts pulling at my pants and I try to keep them up only to get pulled by my hair over her knee. Now she yanks down my pants and underpants and I start screaming wiggling and trying to get away. Everybody is watching I'm trying to get away while covering my private parts and stepmom is scolding me and telling to take my spanking or il get another one when I get home. She soaked me and spanked me and spanked me till my *** was burning red and I was screaming and crying. I'm sorry I'll be good. Please no more no more. The wooden spoon smacked down fast and hard for a very long time and the scolding continued when all of a sudden the spoon breaks. I was crying so pathetically and so happy that the spanking was finally over. I fell off her knees and layer there ebbing my hiney. I rolled around on the ground kicking my feet not caring that my little penis and testicles where out for all to see. Just then stepmom grabs me by the hair again and puts me over her knee again where she proceeds to start soaking the backs of my legs. Each smack stung so bad. I knw there were big red landmarks on my thighs. She continued spanking my legs till they were as red as my tushy. When she was done she dragged me to the corner and told me not to move. Stepmom signed the paper and the ladies all talked about how bad boys should have their pants pulled down in public when they misbehave and the all thought that carrying a wooden spoon was a good idea. I'll tellyou the rest of the story and others if you email me your number at I hope you enjoyed my spanking story.

That was one good hiding by the sounds of it.

I can well imagine your bottom and thighs were very red and sore.

Did sales lady spank your bare bottom?

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I remember my mom's hairbrush - got a few good blisterings on my bare hiney now and then, also.