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Grandma's Hairbrush

I am 24 years old and was recently put over my grandmothers lap and spanked bare bottomed like a child. This wasn't the first time I got paddled but it is certainly going to be the most memorable. I have recently developed some what of a potty mouth and did not care who I used it in front of. Mom and I recently visited my grandmother where I managed to drop the F-bomb a few times. Hearing this grandma rebuked me for such talk and my mother complained that I wouldn't listen to her. Gram got up and silently left the room when she returned she took me by the wrist and with total unexpectance on my part put me over her knee like a 5 year old. She pinned my arm behind my back as I realized what was in store for me and that I was about to be spanked. I kicked and squirmed while she raised my skirt and pulled my panties down to my knees. Then I felt her dreadful hairbrush come to rest on my soon to be blistered backside. She first lectured me on my use of profanity as I dangled over her lap begging her not to spank me, promising I would never use that language again. Soon I felt the first of many solid spanks to my backside as gram tore into my bottom with plenty of experience. Soon I was bawling and blubbering totally losing all composure as gram issued me a damned good spanking. She stopped and asked me if I had learned my lesson and I pleaded yes oh please no more. She proceeded to give another twenty or so then stood me up and marched me to a corner.

Putting me in the corner she returned to her chair and told my mother it was her turn. I turned and looked as mom was going over grams lap and getting her panties pulled down. I watched as gram spanked mom with same energy she used on me and was soon bawling like me.
Gram finally finished my mothers spanking and put her beside me. Then came another lecture on our behavior with several spanks from the hairbrushin between.

Finally we were allowed to put our panties back up and our skirts down. The drive home is almost 15 miles it seemed like 115. We both talked like little girls on our way home how embarrassed we were to get paddled like that. Neither one of us swear anymore.
palindonna palindonna 22-25, F 41 Responses Dec 15, 2011

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Nothing worse than hearing a woman swearing in pubic. Nothing better than the same language whispered in a lovers ear, or shouted, in private.

Never to old to get spanked and bare bottom is the best way. You remember the pain and humiliation more...

Dam granny is no joke!!! Wish I was there to see her tearing I to you and then your mom too!!

You're never too old.


armyvet, my gram and yours certainly new how to correct bad little girls and boys no matter what the age. She spanked me over her knee again about a month ago with her infamous hairbrush and again I was bawling and blubbering while she scolded me. I cried and begged her to stop promising to be a good girl.

I agree with that you needed to be spanked for your language and your mother for allowing it and not getting you to listen to her or her mother, but she should have been taken to a different room or you sent out of the room or something, not together like that

Well what do you mean by paddled and spanking are two different things


I need to pay a visit to your grandma so she can give me a long overdue spanking with the hairbrush.

Having someone who loves you and cares enough to provide correction, when behavior gets out of hand, can be a blessing for many. Sounds like your grandmother is still strong and capable of looking after her family. Have never heard of a mother and daughter getting spanked together like that. But, I guess your grandmother felt is was deserved. As uncomfortable and embarrassing as it may have been for you, I can't believe how embarrassed your mother must have been! Certainly gives her incentive to do a better job in the future. Hope you can appreciate the loving guidance that is more related to our behavior, then the number of birthdays we may have had.

your grand mother have psychological problems

Cutedaddy. Your F***** U*

I am f.u.? What about three generations of women getting naked and spanking under one roof? Howzat for f.u.?!!!

Did it really take you this long to figure our a response? Your still F, Up

Your grandma is deranged for bothering to keep raising her adult daughter, let alone her adult granddaughter. If the two of you still don't behave the way she likes, she obviously failed in raising you properly, which goes to show spanking doesn't really work...

The two of you (your mom & you) are mad for allowing your gram or anyone to touch you. I myself usually only let people who love me touch me. That might be the case in this instance, which brings me to the conclusion that even if you love me, you can't always touch me. When my stepfather touched me at 13 i hit him full in the face. He went down and off. Never dared touch me again. Only real losers initiate violence.

So much for the acceptance and respect I guess.

On whose part? You mean me? Or the battering parents? I have an eleven y.o. daughter whom i never hit (unless we're playfully 'fighting') and i would certainly describe our relationship as respectful. As young as she is, she's smart enough to take part in almost all decisions that concern her. So i talk w/her almost as if she's an adult and she is wiser, better spoken and more reflective than many adults i know.
As far as hitting my stepfather goes, i didn't respect him at the time. There was nothing to respect, he was a total *******. He is still around and we're both better behaved now. But i was in a very dysfunctional family and some of my parents were abusive. What's to respect? I am not passing the misery on to my daughter, that's respect, and she deserves it.

Nice cuddly belly you got, btw. That your ranch there?

I can sure empathize, cute daddy. I was taller, stronger, and had a quick fuse as a teen. My folks certainly knew better than to get physical with me after 13. Interesting that my mom channeled all of that "maleness" of mine into playing football. It worked to my advantage. I learned to be completely mellow off the field but a demon on the field. I'm sure my mom even went to a few of the defense coaches and suggested that I play nose tackle so that I'd get hit on every play. LOL.

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i believe you but noty understand your grand mother reaction

at 24 years spank you i not understand !!!!! she could made different you not a teen ager

i no good speak english

You got that right sport !

excuse me i said i have no understand action of her grand mother spank a girl 24 years she is one adult

I don't care if you beleive it or not. You never met my grand mother.

So Palindonna how old are you? 24?

Well sorry that story seems hard to believe I can believe your gran spanking you but then spanking your mom her daughter and what age was your mom. Just a question did your mom ever spank you for cussing at your house. I believe kids do what they are allowed to do. Or maybe or mom did spank you and it was not working, Well did grans spanking teach you not to cuss again.

Good story thanks. Have you seen her get it again. Surprised mom didn't put you over her knee for ur mouth. N her sore bum

Yes, I been spanked since. Way to often.

Sounds like your grandmother believe you're never too old for an old-fashion spanking.



you have to be careful of who you swear in front of.

Bare Hugs

Can i go visit your Grandma with you and your mom I would love her to spank me like that as u 2 watched hmmmmmmm and maybe then i get to see u 2 spanked as well hmmmmmmmmmmm that is sooooooooo hot

crazy like islamic peoples in pakistan when they said bad word against allah

Wow your mom getting spanked too I wish my aunt got it.

Wow amazing.<br />

I will NEVER forget that day. Both mom and I bawled like two little snots. Grandma taught us both a good lesson. It was a true old fashioned spanking

Well Grandma gave u what u needed n your mom too!A good otk spanking on your bare butts !U deserved it for your f-bombs n your mom deserved it for not taking control of u n spanking u.Good job Grandma keep on spanking them when they need it.Wish I was there to see u n your mom spanked :)

how did your mom responded to get spanked as well , it must have a family history ?

Good for Grandma someone needs o teach mouthy sassy girls a lesson ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am that way at times last time Grandpa spanked mei was15 grandma'slast i was 12 Mom and dad still do but seldom now I find it very comforting knowing even a older girl gets spanked so soundly

Thanks for sharing. I believe anyone should be spanked for misbehavior Please add me Glen