Stings So Much

I remember the warnings before you got the spanking and then when I had pushed mum too far the fate full words 'right your going to get a spanking little Mr'  and if it was with the hairbrush, I had to go and fetch it bare bottomed, making it the longest walk ever. Mums brush was not ultra heavy but it stung so much. My bottom was bright red but luckily I never bruised :)
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'Mister' was the give away for me too. Added to a threat or a comment on my behaviour, it meant a spanking was just about to begin.

It was even worse if your sister was there to gloat or to even go and help you find the hairbrush, teasing all the time.

i wasn't always my mom's best behaved little girl. especially between the ages of 5 and 10 years old, when the boy inside me came out in public. so, i can recall many occaisions when i exhausted my mom's patience and got spanked with a hairbrush. fortunately for me, it was more of an embarrassing exhibition, than a physically painfull one. why? for two reasons. one reason was because, i usually misbehaved while out in public and the hairbrush in my mom's purse was smaller than the one at home. the other reason was because, i was always well diapered, especially whenever we went out anywhere. so, while being spanked over my thick sets of cloth diapers with a purse size hairbrush wasn't anything that actually "hurt" my skin or bum. the whole public display of having to pull-up my petticoats and dress, exposing my diapered rear while bent over my mum's lap, was more "embarrassingly painfull", than physically. know what i mean.<br />
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of course, i won't lie to you. i must admit, that after puberty shot it's first explosive load of sticky *** all over my mom's hand and arm, during a diaper changing. from then on, there would be many many times that i would act out in a "rude boyish manner". just to deserve the wonderfull sexual relief inside my diapers, while laying across my mom's lap and being spanked in public with her hairbrush. and as my teenage hormones raged, the older i got, the bolder i got. blinded by my lust, it no longer mattered where or who watched. i just kept on enjoying pretending to feel the pain. all the while, i was enjoying humping my throbbing erection inside my diapers, while bent over on my mom's lap. if those people only knew, that the real reason i had that look on my face as my mom was spanking my diapered bum. was actually the facial ex<x>pression of spurting out hot sticky loads my sexual release, rather than anykind of "pain". well, it didn't matter to me, or my mom.<br />
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i just wish getting off on my mom's lap like that, ended when i was almost 19. had she not passed away. who knows how long she would have let it all continue. <br />
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oh, well. thanks for sharing your story. it brought back many fond memories.<br />
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I know, always remember mum sitting down hands on her lap patiently watching your return, with the hairbrush in your hand. Then passing it to her she said ' thank you, now over my lap , good boy ' then the howling and the sorrys began.

Boy, I understand your pain. Mom, when needed, paddled my butt red!