My Last Memory Of Moms Hairbrush.

My last parental spanking was when I was 17. I had gone out and gotten drunk with friends, I had to work until 9 that night but got off early. I kept calling my mom telling her I had a flat tire while I was doing everything I could to sober up before going home. I knew I was too drunk to drive so friends drove me home in my car and parked it out front. I tried to be as quiet as a mouse unlocking the front door. My mom was sitting in the living room in the dark and turned on the light as I came in. My heart stopped, I just knew this was going to be a painful lesson. She told me to brush my teeth and go to bed and she would deal with me in the morning. The next morning she woke me early, I had the worst headache and was not looking forward to the day. She made me shower and brush my teeth and eat breakfast. It has been months since I had last been spanked but I knew it was coming and was so sick to my stomach I didn't think I could eat but I knew it would be worse if I was in any way disobedient. As I was finishing my cereal mom came in and told me to go to the corner in her room when I was done cleaning up. This was bad, corner time meant a strict lesson was coming. I was so scared, my knees were weak as I went to moms bedroom. I put my nose in the corner and tried so hard not to cry. I swallowed the lump in my throat and could already feel the heat on my bottom so I started rubbing. Knowing what was coming I couldn't stop shaking. Mom had been spanking me all my life, I knew she was mad and I knew that meant a bad one. I hoped she would hand spank me before the brush, or just go straight to the belt. Anything is better than straight to the brush. I heard her come in behind me. She started lecturing me but all I could do was listen to hear if she went to her bathroom drawer or the closet. It was the drawer. I heard her sit on the bed and tell me to "get your butt over here".
When I turned around and saw her sitting on the bed with the hairbrush in her hand I just started crying. I know the drill and I know what happens if I dont do it. I walked to her right side, lifted my skirt and lowered my panties and lay over her lap with my top over the bed. She started spanking me hard with brush on my bare bottom. The brush is this old, oval wooden hair brush that I swear never brushed anyone's hair. She was relentless, one cheek then the other over and over, then in the center a dozen times or so. I was screaming by now, begging her to stop, pleading and promising. Anything to get her to stop beating my bare bottom with that wood! I couldn't tell you how long she spanked me. Well past the point of me being able to form a coherent sentence. By the end it was just me sobbing, snot nosed and screaming. I knew the louder I screamed the more likely someone was to hear but it didn't matter, by then there was nothing but the extreme heat and pain in my bottom. When she finally stopped it took awhile for me to stop sobbing over her knee. She just let me lay there, completely weak, completely broken. She told me to stand up and put my nose back in the corner until she came to get me. I knew that meant with my panties down and skirt tucked up. I was horrified to hear my brother and step-dad in the other room, it was the first time I realized then had heard everything, I think my cheeks on my face were as bright red as those on my bottom. It was at least 45 minutes before mom came back and told me to pull up my panties and go to my room. I spent the rest of the weekend in my room except for meals and bathroom breaks. That was OK though, I couldn't sit easily for almost a week anyway.
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that was a nice spanking your mom gave you
my mom spank me wiht hairbrsh last time was when i was 18 i came home hours late an mom was in her chair thought she was alseep an came in you late she said i look at her i see you in morning morning came mom not around went with dad doing some work outside it was not till around 2 in afternoon mom called from the house in here now it was lecture time an long one an the hairbrush on the kitchen table as she was given the lecture she had me drop my pants tug down my udnerweare here i am 18 naked in front of mom an over her knees she beat my *** till the red was turning dark darak red an bluish howling out like anyting my kicking stjop an just limp over her knees here spanking like anything an my sis she is 14 walk into kitchen an saw she told me get up i was crying tears stuff in nose i did not care much who saw me or what now get in the corner in the living room an stay there mom when she wans to ge ther point across did corner time in living room for people that come over have to enter living room an see us in corner

My apologies - i just saw the word, last parental spanking. As i said, i feel discipline is a life long thing. i discipline in a variety of ways for key people in my life.

A very firm spanking that it seems you deserved - i am surprised nothing after the age of 17. There is no age limit to discipline if needed.

That was a bad one!

That was painful to read. Especially the part where she made you wait for it. I hope that you learned your lesson. now that you're a little older, does spanking turn you on?

17 years too old fopr this spanking

I wish I could have been your brother, and been spanked by your Mom.

That was a terrific desc<x>ription of a traditional skirt up panties down hairbrush spanking and what goes through a girl's mind when she is waiting for one. I know too well what it's like to go "straight to the brush." Please tell us more about your experiences with the brush.<br />

Your Mom had the right idea; spanking is effective. I wish my Mom would have been like yours. I can only remember one spanking in my youth, from Dad.<br />
I was a spoiled brat, and would have leaned ny lessons from a lady like your Mom. A good, OTK, bare-buns spanking is what naughty kids deserve, don't you agree?

it was really painfull

A spanking should hurt to teach a lesson.

why beat you so much if it is not you who drive the car did she like this before

im sure it hurts well even my aunt use to do that and i was the same age like you too and i feel ashame with all the girls i know and feel so much pain...i think most of our parents do that way as a means of controlling us as a kid...

wauuuuuu ........... that beatten up hurt me , my mother never spank me, but occasionally my father do, even in the Jesuit boarding school, those damn priests blew my *** several times , you could say I was a frequent customer of their lashes, but I had the pleasure of revenge and be a constant pain in the *** for them.

Thanks for the story :)<br />
That spanking sounds so painful. How did it feel to grow up under the threat of the paddle whenever you did something wrong? Will you write about the 'non parental' spankings afterwards?

that was nice spanking you got an corner time no less at least you had corner time in your room i never know where my mom would give me corner time <br />
i was spank once with brush over my moms knees i was like 13 bare bottom an like you kicking crying screaming an did not know my sis watching from door she was 16 very embrassing,,,another time mom had spank mewiht the brush in familyroom i was put in corner after so sore shaking crying sniffles an all underpants at ankles no shirt mom went to kitchen an the familroom had door to the outside it was in ba<x>sement an my sis an her gf walk in teasing me so humilated

She wasn't my daughter, but I did spank a girl once who was 20, which is under the legal drinking age here. (Used to be 18 when I was in high school, but they moved it up). Anyway, we went out several times, but she felt guilty about driving home with some college friends after going to a bar and having a few. She felt she needed a good spanking, and I used a hairbrush. She didn't say what implement she wanted, and a brush was handy---in fact it was hers! She paid me a nice compliment: said that the sapnking "hurt almost as much as the ones her Dad gave her." I guess you just can't beat Dad!

If my daughters are drinking liquor at 17, they will certainly get their bare butts spanked.

i agree wtih you at that age they dont need to drink i had caught my girl drinking not drunk i paddle her bare butt good hard she did not sit for hours after that

Thanks for sharing I believe anyone should be spanked for misbehavior. Please add me Glen