Not Often But We Do Get It

Me and my sisters dont get slapped wiv mums brush often but when we do it hurts like hell, i hate it!!

she usually just uses her hand then sends us to corner or bed unless we r really bad then she uses brush or slipper.
xxxcheekycharliexxx xxxcheekycharliexxx 13-15, F 3 Responses Apr 16, 2012

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How old are your sisters? Do you ever see them get it? I can't add you as a friend because you are under 16. i think you can add me if you want. Would love to chat. Do you have yahoo messenger?<br />

my sisters r 15, 12 and 10. i have a 5 yr old bro too but he doesnt get slaps just sent to naughty step.

I was never spanked with a hairbrush,slipper yes.I do smack my girls with both the slipper & hairbrush as well as my hand,depending on how naughty they have been.

you were lucky not to get brush as is way worse than slipper i hate it so much!!

It sux I know I got the same to 16 1/2. How old are you?<br />

Hi phoebe im 13