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My Last Spanking At 16

From one of my yahoo messenger discussions.

Kay: Hi Phoebe.
Po: Hi!!!
Kay: How are you doing?
Po: Not good, got spanked.
Kay: Oh, that sucks. I'm really sorry. What happened?
Po: Report card, 13 unexcused absences.
Kay: Oh, wow. Let me guess, your parents didn't know about them?
Po: Of course.
Kay: We're you skipping school?
Po: Yeah I hate school, they are trying to steal my soul.
Kay: Yeah, but you knew you were going to get caught, didn't you?
Po: No I had no idea.
Kay: You didn't know it would show up on your report card?
Po: No.
Kay: 13, huh? Man, if my mom caught me with 13 unexcused absences, I would get so I couldn't sit down for a month.
Po: Yeah.
Kay: Who spanked you?
Po: My mom.
Kay: How did she spank you? Was it worse than normal?
Po: No it hurt like hell but not as bad as others. Not so many bruises.
Kay: My mom would spank me with the lexan for sure and it would probably be my worse spanking yet if I did that. Well, I would get in a ton of trouble for skipping class once. Probably the lexan. But if I got 13 of them... all I can say is wow. Not only would I get the lexan, but probably grounded forever as well.
Po: Well I don’t know if I sounded like your sister but I screamed and begged.
Kay: No hysterics?
Po: Definitely hysterics.
Kay: I know how you feel. My mom puts me into screaming and hysterics for every spanking.
Po: Yeah well this wasn’t as bad as most although at the time it was but it was shorter.
Kay: Really? I'm surprised.
Po: Well my grades were good so it was stupid.
Kay: Yeah, but getting caught skipping school 13 times... I would get the lexan if I skipped school just once. My mom would blow her top if I skipped 13 days.
Po: Glad I don’t get your butt whippings then lol.
Kay: Yeah, definitely be glad for that. Lol. How did your mom spank you?
Po: Hairbrush over knees.
Kay: That's right, your mom spanks a lot like my mom. Do you know how many spanks she gave you?
Po: I guess 30, I don’t know, not as bad as the really bad ones.
Kay: Oh yeah, that was pretty short. But I'm sure it hurt a lot still. My mom is just getting started at 30 smacks.
Po: Yeah well they were full hard but usually I get more.
Kay: Did she spank fast?
Po: Just as I was starting to babble she stopped. Maybe 3 seconds between. The difference I think this time is she didn’t spank my thighs.
Kay: Well, thank god for that.
Po: And when I got up I thought of all the chats and I forced myself not to do the spanky dance.
Kay: Lol, were you able to keep from doing it?
Po: Well it was a modification lol.
Kay: Lol. What do you mean? How was it modified?
Po: Well kinda knee bending and holding my butt but not stamping around.
Kay: But still bawling?
Po: Oh yeah.
Kay: Yeah, I am still bawling, blubbering and screaming for a little while when doing my spanking dance.
Po: Because you don’t really know what you are doing.
Kay: Yeah, all you can think about is how it stings and burns and how you want to rub it out of your butt and thighs.
Po: And no notice that you are writhing around without your pants on.
Kay: I don't think about that at first, but when I do my little dance and finally think about other things besides my butt, I realize what I am doing and then trying to cover up. Especially if mom has spanked me in front of others, lol.
Po: OMG I forgot the in front of others.
Kay: Oh yeah. But she rarely does that anymore.
Po: Showing them your bush?
Kay: Yeah, I do. But again, I can't help it because I am hopping and dancing around.
Po: I know everything is exposed but to do it in front of people wow!
Kay: I know...
Po: How old were you last time you got a panties down spanking in front of people?
Kay: In front of people or one person?
Po: In front of anybody else?
Kay: About a month or so ago. I think I told you about. When my mom spanked me in front of her friend because I was rude to her. If they were there, yeah, they watched me get spanked.
Po: Was it hairbrush?
Kay: Yep, with the hairbrush. That's pretty much the only thing she uses with me now, the hairbrush. Unless she spanks with the lexan, which is even worse. I take it as well as when mom spanks me alone. Lots of bawling, sobbing, blubbering and screaming. I can't help it, it hurts too much to try and hold anything in.
Po: Kicking your legs wide apart no matter who sees?
Kay: Yeah, I do. But again, I don't do it on purpose. I kick because it hurts so much. I am sure you know what I mean.
Po: Of course but in front of people OMG.
Kay: Yeah, but mom spanks me no differently. So how could I respond any differently? It hurts just as much, so I respond the same way. I just can't help it.
Po: Who has watched you that way?
Kay: Well, let's see. That was about when I was when I was about 12. So, just about everyone as when I was little. My siblings, extended family (cousins, aunts, uncles, etc) and friends. But again, its not like it happened all the time.
Po: Would be my worst nightmare.
Kay: Oh Phoebe, it is super embarrassing to get spanked like that. But I forget all about it once mom starts spanking. I mean I was 12 when I started to have boobs and hair down there, but I had hair growing down in my private area before 12. But mom has never taken my shirt off to spank me. The only times she's spanked me nude was out of the tub and swimming pool. She peeled my one-piece suit off. I have a two-piece suit now, so she would just take my bottoms off. I think I told you about my Thanksgiving Day spanking when I was 12. When I was spanked in front of almost my whole family.
Po: No you didn’t? Hairbrush?
Kay: Yes, it was with the hairbrush. I'm sorry Phoebe, I have to go. We are eating dinner. Talk to you later.
Phoebe20 Phoebe20 18-21, F 11 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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hi phoebe, i was also often spanked with mom´s hairbrush on my bare bottom mostly some ten minutes and i was glad when it was over. it hurt so much and my butt was always totally red. sometimes i have also enjoyed it and mom really felt it spanking me harder therefore even longer feeling her sexy legs and panties ... so I got caned, too more often ...

Wow, that sounds bad. Cutting board is bad I thought but the brush spanking you talk about here sounds 100 times worse.

Thanks for the comment Ashley, would love to chat.

No matter who was there Mom took ys in the bathroom and did it. She often used an egg turner.

I have a similar experience. However I knew that it would show up on the report card so I wrote myself an excuse note and forged my moms signature. But then they found out and I got the worst belt whipping.

What grqade were you in and how did they find out? Who did the spanking and was it on the bare bottom or over pants?

poor bottoms

nice story<br />
been thre many times growing up moms hairbrush on my bare bottom<br />
mom did not care who was aorund when i was being spank i would be ove rher knees an my aunt cousin would walk in so embrassing but so painful

Great story. I loved reading it. I can SO relate to the HAIRBRUSH. Thanks for sharing.

did you parents strike you many time

how much time the pain

too much strict too much pain

me and my sister were being spanked till the age of 13 and then our mother started caning us, till the age of 20, some times even infront of our younger brothers and male cousins and ofcourse bare butt

It sucked getting it in front of the boys I bet. How old were the boys, brops and cousins that saw you spabnked and what age were yall? Did you see the boys spanked before and until what age did you see them spanked and by whom?